Monday, 14 January 2013

Just Another Winters Tale - A Spoonie Walk

Well the snow I ordered has finally arrived.

I do so love the snow its always a sight that cheers me up and when I see it I long to go out and play.

Luckily I have a spaniel who is all to willing to join in the fun. So this morning on went the thermals and wellies (other clothes were also included) and off we went.

I discovered very quickly that I couldn't properly control the lead with my lovely warm sheepskin gloves so raynaud's be damned as I took them off (also needed free hands to operate the camera) and we had a lovely time.

Though it was interesting juggling a dog, camera and walking stick. The walking stick that I am very glad I took with me as getting up from crouching down - doing my bit as a responsible dog owner - was challenging. Oh and then there was the time that Ferd was bored of me taking yet another picture and there was something really interesting in the hedge and he pulled me over while he went to investigate (thankfully I was already crouching down so didn't have far to fall).

So this was our walk:

I can get Mum

Ferd had a bracing swim 

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