Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Photo A Day - Day 156

Something you sit on

My corner of the sofa - with my very own cuddle cat, so when I say they are cuddly its because they really are - well they had to be tested. 

I am not really sleeping again so I spend most of my time here.

Last night Ferd kept me company for a bit (until the lure of 'bed' was too much for him):

Today my anxiety levels were on overdrive as we had soooo many deliveries but I have some needed supplies and well this came as well:

*happy happy mouse dance*

Monday, 30 January 2012

Photo A Day - Day 155


There are so many forms of communication these day but currently this is one of my favourites :)

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Photo A Day - Day 153


Gemstone flower feature to a pendant I made the other night.

***News flash***

I now have a studio :) 

Trying to fit everything in:

Erm all my fabric wont fit in here (ooops)

The 'pretty' corner

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Photo A Day - Day 151

Animal - real or imagined


Today I have made an effort, not only did I remember to make the loaf of bread in time for us to actually have a sandwich for lunch but I also cooked dinner. This may not seem amazing to most people, but Mr Mouse doesn't have an appetite and at the moment nor do I (also when I am busy I will often forget about food).

We will both go for most of the day and then realise that we haven't eaten much or anything. Now I am normally very good and make sure that I eat (except on weekends those are the days that I am allowed to be bad) and that Mr Mouse gets at least dinner. But I have been slipping, I have been finding it very difficult to motivate myself to go into the kitchen, or I have been lost in my own little world and not realised the time and then its simply got to the point that its too late. But today I was determined.

I even managed to fit in some product photography with my new jewellery bust and props I brought for bracelets and earring, unfortunately the gold frame belongs to Mr Mouse and he wants to actually put a picture in it so I might have to find a new background prop. These are some of the results:

If you like these dont forget that I am giving them away click here to see how to enter.

While I was taking photos poor Ferd tried to help and almost knocked the frame over so he got sent to his bed - here he is looking rather fed up (guarding a tennis ball as naughty Mummy stole two off of him this morning - I did promise to buy him a new squeaky one his favourite kind).

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Photo A Day - Day 150


Used to dry my tears

A trip to the doctors and another sick note, I go back in 2 weeks and at the request of the doctor I booked a double appointment - I have a lot going on at the moment.

Everything seems to be flaring up and deteriorating most worryingly my lungs seem to be going down hill again, I have started to take my steroid inhalers again and seem to be helping a bit so hoping that I am not going to get a full on chest infection (but unlike last time if I need to I will ring for the paramedics). 

We discussed my Raynaulds and there is the possibility of some medication - I will research it and see how I go over the next two weeks (my feet are painful at the moment and I have chilblains so that doesnt help).

We also obviously discussed my stress and anxiety - I am being referred to some counselling.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Photo A Day - Day 146

Free Choice

Queen Zara has been a very naughty bunny and eaten our marriage certificate 

Mouse World Domination and Giveaway

So I have booked a place at my first craft fair - its 14 April 2012 at Greasley Parish Hall.

Now it was a bit of a stab in the dark. You see I don't know my local area very well or the craft scene. I wanted a small fair for my start, because I want to test the waters as it were - 
One: how well will my items be received? And 
Two: will I be able to cope.

Now I was going on experience of fairs back in Essex and some of the best that I have been too (as a shopper) have been those little local ones. So I am optimistic. 

I am looking forwards to it and need to get stocked back up on Moo cards (I do love Moo, discovered them ages ago when I was wedding planning) and sort out tart books (all the jewellery spots full but no harm in taking tart books to show off).

Anyway I was thinking my bio is no longer right it needs updating 

So this is my bio:

"I up-cycle and repurpose fabric (with the occasional new piece thrown in) with cross stitch, embroidery and sewing to create gifts.

My ideas evolve from doodles, designs and from just letting the fabric tell me how it wants to be used – delving into my fabric boxes and pulling out the fabric that speaks to me on that occasion to create items such as quilts, cushions pr bags (with a little bit of knitting thrown in for good measure). These are either centred around a cross stitch or embroidered design (I like to think of stitching as painting on fabric with threads), either from my own design or from charts or from the fabric itself.

For inspiration I look to nature and the world around me through the lens of my camera and try to look at things from different angles.

My love of fabric, sewing needles and threads, beads and all things fluffy and sparkly have helped to create LittlemouseLilly a whirlwind of creativity."

It says nothing about my jewellery making and I am finding that I am doing less of the embroidery, cross stitching, not because I don't like it but because it takes time and I know from past experience that some people don't always appreciate the time and therefore don't understand the cost (once at a craft fair I heard someone mutter "its all lovely but over priced, its only handmade" GRRRR only hand made only ONLY but you'd be happy to pay double for mass poorly produced!?) so I need to update it I will be thinking about how to word it - have you got any suggestions? What do you think about the Mouse style?

Now onto the Givaway bit that I mentioned in the title :)

As readers will know I have been ill (or rather more ill!) lately and have been going through some 'stuff' (it's not over yet). Now everyone (blogger, twitter and blipfoto) have been fantastic and very supportive I am so glad that I did find the courage to speak out.

As a thank you and celebration of craft fair booking I am doing a giveaway and all you lovely, lovely people can win.

So here is what you can win:

More pictures can be found here

More pictures can be found here

More pictures can be found here

And lastly
Vintage fabric lavender heart

So how can you win I hear you cry - simple follow my blog and leave a comment to this post 

That will get your name into the hat once (yes a real hat I do things old school)

Now for the bonus chances - each step will get your name into the hat again:
follow me on Twitter
like me on facebook
favourite my shop on etsy
add me to your circle on etsy
follow me on pinterest
follow me on blipfoto
let people know about my giveaway, just let me know so I can ensure that your extra point goes in the hat

Ok so that is 7 additional chances to get your name into the hat, 8 chances in total.

Oh and make sure you let me know if you do the additional steps and who you are especially if you use different names on the other options :)

Last day to enter is Friday 10 February 2012.

Good luck x

Friday, 20 January 2012

Photo A Day - Days 141 to 145

Argh I still haven't updated the rules page :(

My list ran out and although I blogged more rules I hadn't written them into my filofax so I decided to have a bit of a free choice week.

I have been feeling a bit blurgh - I have a permanent sore throat, which gets worse as the day goes on and have  intermittent earache. By bedtime each day I feel like I have a mild fever, my face is flushed and hot on a couple of times I have been that convinced that I have a temperature that I have stuck the thermometer in my mouth - I sit there it goes beep and mocks me with my 'normal' below average temperature :/

I couldn't face actually speaking to work - physically couldn't do so I texted in to say that I had been signed off.

I am feeling better - but then that's because I have kinda 'ignored' the whole issue this week and instead have been doing other things. But the anxiety is there, underneath lurking, waiting to erupt again. 

So my photos - again each has been taken on the day just doing a catch up post.

Monday 16 January - Day 141

The morning was cold, there had been a hard frost during the night and it clearly lighted the Ferd run in the garden - he has a sort of set circuit that he has to do first thing 'morning inspection' 

Tuesday 17 January - Day 142

I felt up to taking Ferd for a walk today - not far, just to the local playing field and a tootle round the graveyard, a quick 'hi' to Mr D H Lawrence.

Anyway I was absolutely disgusted by the amount of dog mess not just on the path and up the little lane towards the graveyard but also all over the playing field. Seriously if you are not capable of clearing up after your dog then you are not a responsible owner and should NOT have a dog GRRRR

The picture is of my Dicky Bag, some might say expensive (I did at first), but I saw the benefits of one on our doggie holiday and all I can say is money well spent (no more juggling bag of poo and camera).

Wednesday 18 January - Day 143

My sick note - still not totally sure about stress, think more a combination of stress, depression, anxiety and ME - trouble is I don't know the doctors and they don't know me so it makes it all the bit extra difficult. Mt old doctor knew me and ME and everything.

Thursday 19 January - Day 144

Ferd finally managed to get into his bed - normally its occupied by a cat. The only reason that he is in his bed is because I came over with a case of housewifeitus - I did a rather large pile of ironing that had been mounting up. Ferd tried to clamber in top of my clean washing (which was piled on the sofa) with rather muddy paws so he got shouted at hence the rather grumpy/resigned expression.

Friday 20 January - Day 145

I was trying to sneak up on Mr Mouse and get the white hairs in his beard - instead the photo makes him look ginger. Now I have nothing against ginger. Ginger Nut biscuits are very nommy, but Mr Mouse is not ginger. I think all the white hairs are just highlighting the natural 'strawberry' tones.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Introducing - All Wrapped Up

Ok so I have mentioned this a few times but I am now ready to officially launch it :)

The idea for the package came from the desperation of men and their fear of well buying a nice present but well then presenting it to their loved one looking like "the dogs dinner".

The idea is easy - Buy a gift from from my shop - add the All Wrapped Up Package and then that gift will come beautifully wrapped with gift tag and greetings card of your choosing, I will even write in the card for you so literally all you have to do is present it. Of course there will be an option without the card if you prefer.

Now this is my standard wrapping - how you will get your purchase without the fancy package:

A piece of tissue paper and a bit of string colours vary.

Now this is the All Wrapped Up Package:
(please note contents for illustration only)

I will also be offering the flowers for sale separately

Photo A Day - Day 140


I realised that I had missed out a theme (despite my list) - I blame my brain (I know I still need to update the rules page)

travel in style
So I am now getting sleep.

But there is still a problem - I wake up just as tired/if not more tired than when I went to bed.

I have a constant mild sore throat, with 'gunk' running down/coating the back of my throat. I start of the day cold, but as the day moves on I get hot. Really hot. In fact I feel like I have a temperature, but the thermometer says no.

The pain levels have reduced since getting sleep - but instead of the spiking extreme pain that ebbs, I now have the constant wearing dull ache and gets more challenging to deal with as the day goes on. 

I am finding concentration difficult - a few weeks ago I could sew and follow a TV programme at the same time. Now well not so much and I am finding that I need to have breaks. 

I have been noticing for a while that my ability to read has gone down hill - I go through patches where I cant take it in and read a passage/chapter and have absolutely no idea what I have just read or keep re-reading the same sentence stuck in a sort of loop - now this is devastating as I love to read, reading is an escape. I used to devour multiple books in a week now it takes me months to read a book that would have taken me a few hours.

I have to keep re-reading to re-find my thread while writing these posts and the save button is my friend.

Now my constant fear is a full ME relapse. 

Over the years me and ME have come to a sort of understanding and we have been muddling along. 

My worry is that these are not new symptoms - they are giving my a glimpse back to when I was bad - not at my worse but bad. Is it blip? A gentle (if unpleasant) reminder! Or am I heading back to those worse days? (I did a post on ME a while ago here)

Or can everything be put down to stress - I have to confess I dont really know much about stress (despite doing a stress course at work some time ago). I dont feel 'stressed'. Stressed to me is 'oh my god I am doing to many things and I cant fit it all in and I dont know where to start'. But then I read what stress is and well I recognise those feelings - but its soo much like depression and anxiety. I cant help but feel that if I was still with my old doctor he would have said depression over stress. A mixture of both? 

I cant face work (the desk job), I cant face the people, I cant deal with talking to them - not because I feel that the work is too hard, I have too much, or that targets (hoops we all have to jump through) are unachievable. My problem is I feel betrayed, let down, confused, I thought they were being understanding/supportive but feels like that rug has been pulled out from under me. 

I am worried about losing my job (mine is the main income and we've just brought a house, so worried about losing the house). I am worried about what would happen, I know that given my history finding a new job would be challenge, given the economic market finding a new job would be difficult. I am worried about the possibility of a serious health decline and what that would mean. The benefits system was hard enough before and I feel that its even harder now and that I would fall between the cracks time and time again - I distrust it. I am worried that I would be forced to use the small amount of savings that we have (using to off set the mortgage) before I could even be eligible for anything. I am worried that I wont be able to return to 'that' office as I don't know if the trust can be rebuilt - would I ever feel comfortable calling in sick - would I struggle in when I shouldn't and therefore do more harm than good to myself.

I am worried if I will survive.

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