Saturday, 31 December 2011

Photo A Day - Day 126

Today's theme was Graveyard

Well we do live near a graveyard but my back is still not good and that combined with period made me think more creatively.

This is one of Mr Mouses war gaming scenery bits and I thought looked rather like it would belong in a graveyard:

Photo A Day - 125

Number for the week - Seven

I was stuck with this one as it was almost bedtime and I hadn't worked out what to do so I asked Mr Mouse to help me and as he was thinking I had a spark of inspiration:

A 7 made from 7 red pins
But while I was doing this Mr Mouse had laid out 7 game board pieces and for dramatic effect added some Dr Who bits ready for an epic battle:

Well I couldn't waste his efforts :)

Friday, 30 December 2011

Photo a Day - Day 124

Numbers for the week - Six

I made all of these today.

My back had gone back into spasm and I was unable to move much so I settled on the sofa with beads, findings and tools. Mr Mouse was on hand to provide tea throughout the day.

Photo a Day - Day 123

Numbers for the week - Five

We still have some left....

...."I know"

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Knitted Snuggle

Another one of my Snuggle blanket post.

This is a knitted snuggle - a great way to use up all that wool. 

Now I am not the worlds best knitter - I am slowly learning. I was taught to knit when I was little but my Mum despaired that I could not grasp holding the needles properly (still cant) and well she was not always the best teacher (tending to get grumpy and take over). But the basics casting on/off, knit, purl, decrease and now increase I can do. 

This took me a few years of knitting to create - one because I am a slow knitter and two because I was doing lots of things in-between.

It is the perfect size for one side of a double bed - and before you ask that was on purpose. I completed it as a Christmas present for Mr Mouse a few years ago (Mr Mouse gets colder than me, hence the size. He needed an extra blanket just on his side on the bed).

Its also a hit with Ferd

And like all my snuggles it is backed with fleece.

My other snuggle posts can be found here and here. If you would like me to make you a snuggle leave a comment or email me or contact me via Etsy or Twitter (see side menu for link).

I can make them from your own special material (eg special but worn out jammies, kid clothes etc) or I can raid my stash and if you are happy to wait a little while I will even knit you one (I am getting quicker at knitting) :)

Photo A Day - Day 122

Number for the week - Four

Our Skylanders far

Photo A Day - Day 121

Number for the week - Three

This was too good an opportunity to pass up and I had to be quick 

Left to Right - Ulysses, Luna Aries 
Aries is our house guest cat over Christmas and also Uli and Luna's Brother - they are all from the same litter.

this is Aries........ I think..... I am pretty sure..............they all look so alike.... yes Aries :)

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Photo A Day - Day 119

Number for the week - Two

I cut 2 slices and there are two layers of chocolate butter frosting inside the chocolate cake - ummm yummy.

Oh and we are going to be naught mice and have another slice each later on - while watching the Outnumbered Christmas Special - so that will be 2 more slices to cut, so Mr Mouse and I will have each had 2 slices :)

Friday, 23 December 2011

Photo A Day - Day 118

Number for the week - so 1 of something, then 2 of something etc till you get to 7

So this is my One

One Christmas Decoration

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Photo A Day - Day 117


Are you ready Ferd?
1 - 2- 3




Ready to go again Ferd?
1 - 2- 3



Ooops sorry Ferd I threw the ball into next doors garden (well its not easy throwing a ball while trying to hold and focus a camera). 

Right another ball - Ready Ferd?




(well I had to post more than one photo today especially after all that hard work that my assistant went too and well I just loved the expression on his face each time he waited for me to throw the ball :) )

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Photo A Day - Day 116


Well in the absence of snow, what other images does Winter conjure up?

Ummmm yummy yummy hot chocolate

I am becoming addicted to food shimmer spray

And of course Ferd was allowed a little cream and the dregs as a treat

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Photo A Day - Day 115


I couldn't choose between the two:

Replica Dark Age Helmet (with a blue mouse tucked inside) and
a modern horn brought from reenactment fair
along with a bit of old rope.
Replica Ancient Greek Armour (on the fireplace is
a flintlock pistol)
We have an assortment of bits dotted around from replicas to genuine pieces. We both love history. Mr Mouse likes ancients along with WW1 and WW2 - but it also helps with his work to understand about armour and swords etc. 

Me I like Ancient Briton (esp Boudica, I grew up near Camulodunum and have spent many happy hours in the castle museum) I am amazed by Roman engineering (I mean underfloor heating - who could not be impressed), I am also interested in Mathew Hopkins Witchfinder General and the Witch Trials (again the castle played its part and I grew up around that area). I also like medieval and the Victorian eras - well generally I like all aspects of History. I also love Arthurian legend - Morgana le Fay, Merlin, Lancelot, Vivien....

Then of course there is the best and most informative programme - Horrible Histories :) 

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Photo a Day - Days 112 & 113

Day 112: Glass
I didn't get time to blog this photo yesterday as I was just too tired and need to get to bed

We have a glass top coffee table with display draws - so I have made a couple of them all christmassy

Day 113: Fabric
I had a plan this weekend to make a nice Christmas garland to go over the fireplace - this is the fabric that I have picked out.

Yesterday I spent the day baking - gingerbread men and mince pies but was too tired to clear up so the kitchen looks like an explosion in a flour and shimmer spray factory. Thank the gods for Jeeves I will get him loaded up in a bit to do his thing and then wipe the surfaces down. Problem is I haven't had enough sleep, need to go out to get food for the hungry dog and petrol for the hungry car so I dont think that I will have time :( 
Had planned such a lovely restful weekend - what happened to that?

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Photo A Day - 109 and 110

Day 109 - I took this yesterday but was too tired to even turn the laptop on


This is Ferd agility tunnel

Day 110 - well erm today was meant to be Map but I got mixed up and did tomorrows theme which is Environment. I can only blame lack of sleep, as in practically no sleep last night. My back has gone back into spasm luckily its only mild but I suffer from one of the side effects of my pain killers - itching. It was driving me insane last night to the point that I couldnt sleep. I even tried (without lasting success) a shower at 2 o'clock this morning to try and calm my skin down.

Anyway so here is Environment (I will do Map tomorrow)

Monday, 12 December 2011

Photo A Day - Day 107


I did battle today with the antique iPod for some Christmas Music. But after battling to get it to turn on (its hard drive is going) and then remembering how it works (I use mine in the car, via the iPod connection so dont actually deal with the button pressing) there was no Christmas music :( 

Will have to check our libraries and find cable... fingers crossed.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Sentimental Snuggle

Ok so onto the second of my snuggle blankie posts.

This is one that I made for my Mum and so is very special.

It has been centred around a Tatty Ted Cross Stitch design

It was made from a mix of vintage and new cotton fabric.

As my Mums passion was gardening I added some cute buttons

It used to have a lovely pale blue vintage silk boarder - but it wasn't up to repeated washing and so had to be patched - with the pink and blue fabric. It has of course been backed with a lovely fleece and having an upcycled duvet inside is lovely and snuggly :)

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