Sunday, 18 December 2011

Photo a Day - Days 112 & 113

Day 112: Glass
I didn't get time to blog this photo yesterday as I was just too tired and need to get to bed

We have a glass top coffee table with display draws - so I have made a couple of them all christmassy

Day 113: Fabric
I had a plan this weekend to make a nice Christmas garland to go over the fireplace - this is the fabric that I have picked out.

Yesterday I spent the day baking - gingerbread men and mince pies but was too tired to clear up so the kitchen looks like an explosion in a flour and shimmer spray factory. Thank the gods for Jeeves I will get him loaded up in a bit to do his thing and then wipe the surfaces down. Problem is I haven't had enough sleep, need to go out to get food for the hungry dog and petrol for the hungry car so I dont think that I will have time :( 
Had planned such a lovely restful weekend - what happened to that?

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