Sunday, 4 December 2011

Photo a Day - Day 99


Well my desk job is as an international spy and therefore I have to protect my identity. Ok I am not an international spy but seriously I am not actually meant to tell people what I do for security! shhh dont tell during the day I work for a quango that protects the environment - I sometimes even put my mouthful of a degree to use.

My other job is manager to Mr Mouse - I get to write his invoices and do the dreaded Tax Return. 

But my far more enjoyable job, ok hobby (but people do pay me) is creating.

I mainly sew, but I also make jewellery (loving real gemstones) and getting more confidence in my illustration abilities (of course Mr Mouse is an artist so I have no delusions of grandeur he does art, I sort of scribble with a pencil and hope for the best)  .

Here is some of the sewing that stopped me from posting yesterday:

The hearts are filled with lavender and still need finishing. I also have some small lavender sleep pillows to finish and a couple more cuddle cushions to stuff - I ran out of stuffing...............again (lets hope Hobbycraft have some in this week).

Trying new cuddle designs - monster, rocket ship and mini cats (the mini cats will also get made into wheat bags when I have supplies).


  1. Great u sound like 007 ;)

    PS I can't believe you can't cook with garlic.. OMG I would die... and yes my garlic crusher removes the smell from your hands... its v good :)

  2. Wow - you do sound very exciting, like you lead a double life! Great to see your wonderful designs taking shape too xx


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