Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Photo A Day - Day 115


I couldn't choose between the two:

Replica Dark Age Helmet (with a blue mouse tucked inside) and
a modern horn brought from reenactment fair
along with a bit of old rope.
Replica Ancient Greek Armour (on the fireplace is
a flintlock pistol)
We have an assortment of bits dotted around from replicas to genuine pieces. We both love history. Mr Mouse likes ancients along with WW1 and WW2 - but it also helps with his work to understand about armour and swords etc. 

Me I like Ancient Briton (esp Boudica, I grew up near Camulodunum and have spent many happy hours in the castle museum) I am amazed by Roman engineering (I mean underfloor heating - who could not be impressed), I am also interested in Mathew Hopkins Witchfinder General and the Witch Trials (again the castle played its part and I grew up around that area). I also like medieval and the Victorian eras - well generally I like all aspects of History. I also love Arthurian legend - Morgana le Fay, Merlin, Lancelot, Vivien....

Then of course there is the best and most informative programme - Horrible Histories :) 

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