Friday, 2 December 2011

Giveaway Winner and My Birthday Finds

Now today was the day that the winner of my giveaway was picked:

Names into the hat
Mr Mouse was on hand to pick out the winner 
And drum roll please.....

...........................................the winner is

Now did you spot the hat? It was one of my finds for today.

For my Birthday we went to an antiques fair (we were meant to go yesterday - I like to stretch my birthday out we couldn't go)

Anyway I really enjoyed my day (so did Ferdinand, he got lots of cuddles a nice man shared his toasted sandwich and then we stopped off on the way home and got him some more dog treats).

This is what I got:

Dressage Top Hat (it even fits)

I don't ride horses - but I am into steampunk, neo Victorian and of course real Victorian, it also makes a lovely photo prop (well with better lighting - I didn't really have time to stage and light nicely)

Gemstone necklace with Sterling Silver findings
made by me

I also got two fur stoles - not my coverted fox pelt one, so still searching

Number One you can see that its whole pelts, three in total (not sure of animal so more research needed) so not sure that I would ever wear it outside for fear of anti fur people damage (maybe at a steampunk event I would be ok!).

Number Two is more wearable, its lovely and warm.

I still really want a muff - but they are like gold dust I only found 2 and of those the one that I liked wasn't the size that I wanted, so not right.

Thinking that I will have to buy some more rabbit pelts and just make myself one.

Ok yes the above is real fur - but these are original vintage pieces and therefore the crime would be to not appreciate them.

I do not believe in the breeding and killing of animals for their pelts only.

Using the whole animal - eg cow, deer, rabbit = fine. Using animals that have died naturally = fine.

My last find for me was this little bundle to add to my stash (only cost me £5 - I know madness)

My last two finds of the day were for Mr Mouse.

Mr Mouse is also into steampunk and Victorian but also military history (all periods) so we do have some pretty interesting bits and bobs dotted about (Robbers be warned I have a Claymore and I am not afraid to use it).

WWI pistol holster

We ran a search for it to check the period and found one for
sale at £140, I didn't pay that much = result :)

WWI utility pouch

There was lots of gorgeous vintage fabric - but I need to sort out my Mouse room first - hoping to go back in the spring (hopefully it will also be a little warmer) - we didn't find Mr Mouse's chair :(

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  1. congrats to Lottie-Tottie!!!!! :)

    What lovely finds you got at the antiques fair, looks like you must have had a really good look round.

    In your material you got is a piece that bought back personal memories for me (its sort of netting with coloured flowers on it) and I was amazed to see it!! you've taken me back to my childhood, and its bought tears to my eyes!!!

    Its amazing what reminds you of things, isn't it! enjoy your stash!!!! :) oh and although i'm not a fur person myself, I would never tell another not to wear it!!


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