Monday, 31 December 2012

Gingerbread Latte with a guest appearance of Chai Tea

Ummmmm yummy.

I know that these can signal the start of the holiday season when they start appearing into coffee shops, I have always enjoyed them the whole year and have often thought about getting the syrup to make my own.

But why buy when you can make your own syrup and its really easy to do.

Gingerbread Syrup for Latte:
2 cups water, 1 1/2 cup granulated sugar, 2 1/2 teaspoons ground ginger, 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon, 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract - combine all the ingredients into a medium pan, bring to the boil then reduce heat to a simmer, leave uncovered simmer for 15 minutes remove from heat. Syrup will keep for a while pop it in an old clean jam jar or something similar. To make Latte:Add 1/4 cup of syrup and espresso shot into a mug and then top with steamed milk 

Oh and for the Chai Tea lovers out there:

3 cups of water, 3 cups of milk, 6-8 black tea bags, 1/2 cup honey, 1 tsp ground cinnamon, 1tsp ground cardamom, 1/2 tsp ground nutmeg, 1/2 tsp ground cloves, 1/2 tsp ground ginger - bring water and milk to the boil, add remaining ingredients and return to boil. remove from heat and let steep for 3-5 minutes, remove tea bags and then filter. 
Now you can either serve this as it is hot or iced. Personally I fill half a mug with this mix and top with steamed milk (add additional sugar to taste if required). Mix keeps for a few days in the fridge 

Fa la la la la, la la la

Tis (still) the season to be jolly.

I hope that everyone had a fantastic Christmas and are looking forwards to the New Year.

Leading up to Christmas I was busy with Christmas makes, these looked great as tree decorations as well as present embellishments:

Beaded icicle drop decorations:

Pom Pom garlands (not just for Christmas) look fab draped over picture frames:

And then we knew that Christmas was on its way:

Presents to bake:

Dog biscuits 

Presents needed to be wrapped:

And then of course the big day itself - santa came woohoo

I got lots of fab presents including a snow leopard onesie from The All in One Company
Some crafting books and DVDs. Santa did good I was a happy happy Mouse.

And then of course not forgetting Ferdinands 3rd birthday on Boxing day:

Phew busy, busy time to relax and enjoy a homemade ginger bread latte (recipe to follow).

So here's a woohoo to 2012 you have been a year of ups, downs and learning. As we run towards 2013 lets make it the best year that it can be :)

Love Mouse x

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Blogging Will Resume Shortly

I will be blogging again soon.

The break was unintentional.

Gremlins got into my blog and stopped me posting photos - boo gremlins. I am getting it all sorted now and will be (fingers crossed) up and running again soon.

Love Mouse x 

Thursday, 22 November 2012


LittlemouseLilly has now joined the world of instagram and oh my isnt it addictive.

You can follow me here go on I dare you :)

A round up of my favourite posts so far, oh and I am mostly using a cool photo app called Retro Camera

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Real Life

So this post has been sitting in my drafts box for a while. I couldn't finish it as brain fog was making it impossible to keep my train of thought and then I have had another rough patch, I just had to concentrate on what I could do for a while, creating and a bit more creating and the awesome discovery of metallic sparkly acrylic paint :)

I wanted to write a snap shot of my life, I think it can be hard for people to understand chronic illness. You are 'seen' when you are 'well' and all the other bits are behind closed doors. And my realisation that even now I hide things when out in public.

So this snapshot was from last month starting Thursday 18 October:

I have had a lovely weekend and it was spent with amazing people, some who I have met before and some who I met for the first time. Since I joined twitter I have got into contact with lots of people who have ME and other conditions and through the vision of one person the first met was organised and it was truly an amazing event for the first time I could be around people and I didn't have to hide symptoms. If I couldn't deal with noise or talking, it wasn't a big deal. If I needed to step away I knew that would be fine. When the second meet was talked about I jumped at the chance to do it all again. 

But it has made me really notice that I do behave differently when I am around people that understand and so sometimes I wonder if 'normal' people think that I use ME as an excuse, if I am really ill and disabled. Or they just think oh that's all about fatigue isn't it? We all get a little tired sometimes.

I look normal and there are occasions where you might notice that I am obviously in pain and walking slowly (ok more a sort of shuffle, with occasional little squeaks of pain that have escaped gritted teeth). I don't have any mobility aids (though I believe there are occasions that I should be on crutches). The only thing that you might notice is my Medic Alert bracelet. 

But of course when you see me then I am 'ok'. As in its a good day/period and/or I am seriously masking some of the effects of my ill health. I put on the smile, the mask. I concentrate on what I am saying and often you will notice that I don't take part in conversations, not because I am not interested, or don't have anything to say. But because by the time I have got the words ordered in my head the conversation has moved on and I have missed the opportunity, it is very frustrating. 

You might be thinking well then that's my failing I should make more of an effort. Its hard and when people see you stumbling for words they often want to 'help' offering suggestions which just makes me more muddled. Sometimes I slur and get lost with my train of thought and that again has its problems. I get wobbly, I get dizzy, I don't always cope with noise. I'm too hot or too cold. Going out can often feel like an assault on my senses.

I go out when I am well 'enough' or I take that calculated risk of the benefit over the consequences.
Its a different story in private and when I am at home.

So a snapshot of my life. Hopefully it will give you a little understanding. I don't choose to be this way. 

Easy day and early to bed as I knew that I would be travelling to London on Friday.

Woke early, baked an easy make cake for Mr Mouse as I was leaving him home alone for the weekend. 
Packed, had a rest. 
Mr Mouse helped me to sort out the car and loaded my luggage.
Set off, with a planned stop for a break and timed that I would get to the hotel in time for a rest, have dinner and then a gentle evening with early night to ensure I was rested for Saturday.
The journey should have taken 2 hours instead several accidents meant that it took about 6 hours.
By the time I got to the hotel my head was buzzing, my legs ached and my anxiety levels were way up.
Hotel room too hot.
Sleep was limited.

Made sure that I ate good breakfast.
Made our way into London.
Meet up sat around talking over lunch.
Made our way to a museum.
Meet up in cafe, struggled with noise. Then a pianist came along, I love music, I love the piano but this was just the last straw as it made me feel like my ears were bleeding. We retreated to the galleries of the museum.
Made our way back to the hotel for a quick rest before dinner.
Still struggling with noise and tired. 
Struggled to eat and hadn't read the menu properly - didnt notice the word spicy 
Back to room, dizzy head spinning and stomach cramps.

Woke much later than planned.
Made sure I ate breakfast but struggled with mild shaking and took a long time to even eat a small yoghurt - due partly to energy and struggling to keep swallowing - body was not really interested in food.
Journey home was split into sections. Part one was a short drive to my Dads and then a long rest, then another visit to a family friend for another rest before the final drive home with rest stops planned into the journey. Thankfully no issues.
Arrived home.
Mr Mouse took luggage out of the car.
Mr Mouse made me tea.
Mr Mouse helped me to get into jammies.
I then started coughing.
And some more coughing.
Then more coughing and the taste of blood.
Then more coughing and lung crushing.
It took a few doses of steroid inhaler (left over from last chest infection) to get breathing back under control and I was very close to having to call paramedics.
Severe steroid shakes.

Woke up.
....Cough ....Cough 
Breathless and exhausted. 
Throat feels bruised
Lungs thankfully clear (I dont want another chest infection), fresh inhaler prescription.
Over done it. 
Bad case of dizzies leaving doctors, little old lady checked if I was ok.
Didn't have the energy to go to chemist, came home.
Mr Mouse had to look after me, I couldn't get about as moving caused coughing and breathlessness. Was also at risk of falling.

Throat still bruised.
Slight cough
Slightly breathless when I move about.
Head buzzing.
Neck grinding and stiff.
Legs hurt, feels like waves of fire.
Very dizzy.
Struggling to write this post have had to stop a few of times.
About to snuggle down, sitting up is starting to become intolerable.

Another day where moving about was interesting and fingers were crossed that I don't fall or bump into anything as I didin't really want a sprained 'something' to add to the list.

So that is my reality there are costs to be paid if I want to go to do something that I am sure a lot of people wouldn't even give a second thought too.

I have had a pretty rough month including some side effects of meds, period pain, extreme pain and the lowest moment I just everything to go away.

But though all that there has been joy, creating and sales :)

And Christmas is on its way everyone.....

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Photo A Day - Day 365

Well here it is my photo a day challenge, the big one.

The end.

September 8 2012 - DAY 365

I started the challenge on Saturday 20 August 2011 so I have over run by a few days considering the year that I have had I dont think that I have done too bad. I am still taking daily photos (well almost daily) and posting them on a great site called blipfoto if you like photography you should check it out, you can find my blips here.

Of course I will still be here, this is not the end of my blogging journey, in fact I think I need to come up with a new challenge for next year. Do you have any suggestions? Are there any challenges that you have done and found really enjoyable or any that you would love to try?

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Photo A Day - Day 353 - 364

So we are almost there almost at my 365.

The final countdown begins....

August 24 2012 - Missed

August 25 2012 - Missed

August 26 2012 - Day 353

I wonder if it works?

August 27 2012 - Missed

August 28 2012 - Day 354

Strawberry Shortcake

August 29 2012 - Day 355

Pass the cream...

August 30 2012 - Day 356

Life saving

August 31 2012 - Day 357


September 1 2012 - Day 358


September 2 2012 - Day 359

Ferd finds a friend

September 3 2012 - Day 360

In the army now

September 4 2012 - Day 361

September 5 2012 - Day 362

September 6 2012 - Day 363

September 7 2012 - Day 364

Garden camping

Monday, 22 October 2012

Photo A Day - Day 343 - 352

August 14 2012 - Day 343

Cuff bracelet experiment

August 15 2012 - Day 344

Luna in command 

August 16 2012 - Day 345


August 17 2012 - Day 346

Jammie Dodger 

August 18 2012 - Day 347


August 19 2012 - Day 348


August 20 2012 - Day 349


August 21 2012 - Day 350


August 22 2012 - Day 351

Favourite toy

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Photo A Day - Day 334 - 342

August 4 2012 - Day 334

Craft fair

August 5 2012 - Day 335

Uli unimpressed about being a model

August 6 2012 - Day 336

The battle lines are drawn 

August 7 2012 - Missed

August 8 2012 - Day 337

August 9 2012 - Day 338


August 10 2012 - Day 339

Some husbands buy flowers, I get a sword :) 

August 11 2012 - Day 340


August 12 2012 - Day 341

Selling shoes 

August 13 2012 - Day 342

On TV 

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Photo A Day - Day 326 - 333

I really enjoy the way that photography makes you look around you with a different eye. You see things that you would have never noticed before. The world really is a stunning place.

On to more catching up:

July 25 2012 - Day 326

Slugs and snails and puppy dog tails. Ok so its just the snail

July 26 2012 - Day 327


July 27 2012 - Day 328

Bobbie pins 

July 28 2012 - Missed

July 29 2012 - Day 329

Postcard Print

July 30 2012 - Day 330


July 31 2012 - Day 331

Pin Cushion

August 1 2012 - Day 332


August 2 2012 - Day 333

Learning to crochet

August 3 2012 - Missed 
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