Saturday, 30 June 2012

Photo A Day - Day 274 to 287

So some more catching up on my Photo A Day pictures 

May 31 2012 - Day 274

Ferd is looking a little sleepy

June 1 2012 - Day 275

Getting ready for the Jubilee 

June 2 2012 - Day 276

All set up

June 3 2012 - Day 277

New cushion - waiting to be closed and then de-fluffed from the stuffing process

June 4 2012 - Day 278


June 5 2012 - Day 279

Uli - just chillin'

June 6 2012 - Day 280

Bead fresh from the oven

June 7 2012 - Day 281 

Waiting for them to dry

June 8 2012 - Day 281

Mice attack - I just had to make mice with my polymer clay :)

June 9 2012 - Day 282

Erm caught (dont worry he was not allowed to drain the glass)

June 10 2012 - Day 284


June 11 2012 - Day 285

Who knew that jewellery making could be so dangerous?

June 12 2012 - Day 286

Ferd is hopeful for a treat

June 13 2012 - Day 287

I needed this :)

June 14 - Missed 

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Photo A Day - Day 261 to 273

Ok so more photo a day catch up all on a theme of free choice

May 16 2012 - Day 261

Queen Zara and her nosh bowl. She really does have the loveliest big ears.

May 17 2012 - Day 262

One of my creations got shown on TV again :)

May 18 2012 - Day 263

Uli (and Mr Mouse) playing with shrooms

May 19 2012 - Day 264


May 20 2012 - Day 265


May 21 2012 - Day 266


May 22 2012 - Day 267

A special creation - a custom order with sterling silver, jade and quartz

May 23 2012 - Missed

May 24 2012 - Day 268


May 25 2012 - Day 269

The outside bunny domain

May 26 2012 - Day 270

Drusilla tucked away on the deck

27 May 2012 - Missed

28 May 2012 - Day 271

I love this shot of Drusilla

May 28 2012 - Day 272

Luna bird watching out of the window

May 30 2012 - Day 273

Queen Zara (yes she is a big bunny)

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Photo A Day - Days 247 to 260

So Catching up on my Photo A Day Challenge 

I have not stuck to any themes for each day so they are all free choice 

May 1 2012 - Day 247

A quick sketch of Ferd 

May 2 2012 - Day 248

Leonard Badge

May 3 2012 - Day 249


May 4 2012 - Day 250


May 5 2012 - Day 251

I finally removed the broken blinds and replaced them with something a little more Mouse style - I did cheat in making these and used fusible hemming tape (but it does add a little weight to the bottom to help them hang better)

May 6 2012 - Day 252

A strange thing appeared in the sky

May 7 2012 - Day 253

Cat house

May 8 2012 - Day 254

Ferd last garden check before bed

May 9 2012 - Missed

May 10 2012 - Day 255

Well what can you say really :)

May 11 2012 - Day 256

Luna just cant resist the veg box

May 12 2012 - Day 257


May 13 2012 - Day 258

Erm I could be wrong but I dont think that the lawn mower cable is meant to be in that many pieces

May 14 2012 - Day 259


May 15 2012 - Day 260


Long Time No Blog

So I mentioned that I was getting overwhelmed and then I sort of stopped blogging.

I needed a time out I was putting too much pressure on my self to get my Photo A Day photos up along with everything else.

How am I feeling now?

Well I can honestly say that I am getting there, a few little glitches and I am sure that there will be a few more glitches along the way.

I have now completed a Stress Control Course that was useful - sometimes its a case of reaffirming what you know. I have all of the course handouts and will be reviewing. I think the biggest break through for me was the realisation that if I am still struggling then I will be able to go for one on one therapy - something that I have always shied away from and would not have done in the past. I will get a call in a few weeks to see how I am going and I get to ask for another assessment if I feel I need it. I also get the back up of being able to call them to get referred back into the service any time that I want (but there are still those pesky waiting lists).

I am working towards getting back to the desk job and well we will see how that goes - I think I have learnt that I perhaps need to be a bit more honest about being sick (disabled) to myself and everybody. I may be a SuperMouse but I have come to realise that just because I could do something a couple of years ago doesn't mean that I can do it now. My body took quite a knock and I think I didn't really want to admit it. I think I forgot and just assumed that I could keep going and everything would work itself out and I would be back to where I was before. It doesn't work like that. I needed rest. I needed to give myself permission to heal.

By heal I don't mean that I am magically better.

I needed to re-establish that balance and work out where my base line levels are now (still a work in progress) and remember to take breaks and not feel like a failure for having to take time out.

I did continue to take photos - Yay

But I did miss the odd day here and there and you know what I dont care, I missed a few days here and there at the start of the challenge because the move and well I am going to continue and get a full 365 photos up.

When I started the challenge I thought - easy - but you know what it is actually harder than it seems especially when you take the majority of your photos on a camera rather than a phone and then I joined another photo a day thing over on Blipfoto (I do like to make things complicated).

But I do enjoy wandering around with my camera and I realise that I am starting to ramble now - lol.

So anyway getting to the point - I have taken photos and I am going to do a few Photo A Day catch up posts over the next few days and then I hope that you will join me for the journey to the end of the challenge and maybe we can think up a new challenge for when this one is over :)

And a huge thank you to everyone who has commented and given support and advice over the last 6 months - I really dont think I would have gotten as far as I have done without the encouragement, virtual hand holding and advice. 

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