Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Knitted Snuggle

Another one of my Snuggle blanket post.

This is a knitted snuggle - a great way to use up all that wool. 

Now I am not the worlds best knitter - I am slowly learning. I was taught to knit when I was little but my Mum despaired that I could not grasp holding the needles properly (still cant) and well she was not always the best teacher (tending to get grumpy and take over). But the basics casting on/off, knit, purl, decrease and now increase I can do. 

This took me a few years of knitting to create - one because I am a slow knitter and two because I was doing lots of things in-between.

It is the perfect size for one side of a double bed - and before you ask that was on purpose. I completed it as a Christmas present for Mr Mouse a few years ago (Mr Mouse gets colder than me, hence the size. He needed an extra blanket just on his side on the bed).

Its also a hit with Ferd

And like all my snuggles it is backed with fleece.

My other snuggle posts can be found here and here. If you would like me to make you a snuggle leave a comment or email me littlemouselilly@live.co.uk or contact me via Etsy or Twitter (see side menu for link).

I can make them from your own special material (eg special but worn out jammies, kid clothes etc) or I can raid my stash and if you are happy to wait a little while I will even knit you one (I am getting quicker at knitting) :)

1 comment:

  1. Wow that looks very snuggly, makes me want to curl up in it with a big cup of tea!

    Must have felt good finishing it after all that time!?


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