Thursday, 26 January 2012

Photo A Day - Day 151

Animal - real or imagined


Today I have made an effort, not only did I remember to make the loaf of bread in time for us to actually have a sandwich for lunch but I also cooked dinner. This may not seem amazing to most people, but Mr Mouse doesn't have an appetite and at the moment nor do I (also when I am busy I will often forget about food).

We will both go for most of the day and then realise that we haven't eaten much or anything. Now I am normally very good and make sure that I eat (except on weekends those are the days that I am allowed to be bad) and that Mr Mouse gets at least dinner. But I have been slipping, I have been finding it very difficult to motivate myself to go into the kitchen, or I have been lost in my own little world and not realised the time and then its simply got to the point that its too late. But today I was determined.

I even managed to fit in some product photography with my new jewellery bust and props I brought for bracelets and earring, unfortunately the gold frame belongs to Mr Mouse and he wants to actually put a picture in it so I might have to find a new background prop. These are some of the results:

If you like these dont forget that I am giving them away click here to see how to enter.

While I was taking photos poor Ferd tried to help and almost knocked the frame over so he got sent to his bed - here he is looking rather fed up (guarding a tennis ball as naughty Mummy stole two off of him this morning - I did promise to buy him a new squeaky one his favourite kind).

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