Saturday, 7 January 2012

Photo A Far...the Past Year and the Coming Year

Well I shall be posting Photo 133 later on today, nearly half the way through - I am proud that I have got this far and look forwards to completing the challenge, and am already considering creating a photo book at the end documenting my journey (will have to start saving).

I am also doing another photo a day over on blipfoto (I dont do things by half).

I started the challenge on Saturday 20th August 2011.

I have unfortunately miss a few days - but I have always picked up from where I left the reasons for missing days have been down to house move and ill health. There have also been occasions where I have had to do catch ups - where I have taken the photo on the day but have had to blog them latter due to technical issues or again illness.

I hope you have enjoyed the journey so far.

I 'secured' my blog name long before starting, it took me a while to finally pluck up the courage and write that first post. I started with the intention of showcasing makes and passions and well at bit of me and what makes me tick - the whole package including ME. I hope that is what I am doing.

It also took me a while to finally pluck up the courage and put my makes 'out there', let loose onto an unsuspecting world and well I am really proud of what I have achieved so far and hope that it will continue to grow - My first Etsy listing was on 8th October 2011, with my first Etsy sale coming along on the 17th November. Here are my sales of 2011 (a combination of etsy, comission, and desk pop up shop)

I think that my Mum would also be very proud of me - she was the inspiration behind me finally taking the plunge. I know that there are things that she regretted never giving a try so I didn't want to say 'what if' or 'I wonder'.

Moving into 2012

I have some custom orders that I am working on now and am launching new things on etsy. While I am mainly about the fabric and sewing, I do love gemstones and jewellery (and of course the steampunk) and wondering how I can combine some of the elements at the moment. 

So there will be more cuddle cushions and jewellery and linked in with occasions stationary and bits. I am working hard on Valentines at the moment and have an all wrapped up package to launch, I have mentioned this a few times on facebook and twitter but I am now almost ready to showcase it.

I am also hoping to at least try some fairs and am considering setting up a Folksy shop, but still not sure as some of jewellery makes are 'illegal' in Folksy terms - yes its 'assembled' from charms that I have brought but I still have to design the piece and consider what will work together! 

I always want feedback on my makes, please don't be shy tell me what you think - the positives along with the negatives (designs, pricing and everything). 

What are my aims for 2012

  • Well for LittlemouseLilly to grow
  • To give needle felting a go
  • To learn Crochet (finally)
  • Continue to support my amazingly talented artist husband - can be found in these places portfolioblogzazzletwitter and this year I will get him onto etsy and/or Folksy (prints, original art and maybe with the aid of the wonderful printed fabrics some textiles) :)
Hope that you all have had positives that you have been able to pick out from 2011 and will have an amazing year to come

With love to everyone


  1. Well done for keeping going!

    I'd like to have a go at needle-felting too. Definitely have a try at crochet, it so much simpler than knitting. Start off with a larger hook and follow a YouTube tutorial. It's far easier to follow a proper person than written instructions.

    Off to have a peek at hubbies artwork. :)

  2. Me my hubby is taking pictures and print it with in Epson Premium Glossy Photo


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