Sunday, 8 January 2012

Bed Throw

Ok so at the end of last year I brought you my personal snuggle blankets:
Sofa Snuggle
Sentimental Snuggle
Knitted Snuggle

This is my bed throw (and some of my secret tips!), I do have a thing about blankets and throws (we have far too many - thank the gods for vacuum pack).

Its a patchwork quilt - I found the feature cat material in a remnants basket, I added some fabric from fat quarter packs (I do admit that I have a bit of a fabric problem) and then some vintage fabric and upcycled fabric from my stash (I am sure I can't be the only person that has ever brought an item of clothing with the fabric in mind for its stash possibilities once its no longer wearable - or has even brought something on sale/charity shop just for the fabric).

Rather than use quilt batting or wadding and erm quilt (this is lazy quilting but it really looks lovely - at least I think so) it has been made with a 4.5 tog duvet (king sized - for all you crafty bargain hunters out there you can stock up on these in the summer when the supermarkets bring them to you at amazing prices - cut them up join them together etc), then to ensure that I had a piece of fabric large enough for the back - this is top tip time - I used a king sized flat sheet (cheaper than buying lengths of fabric and joining them).

Then to make it washable and ensure that the duvet inside doesn't 'slip' (as its not proper quilted) I have added gorgeous buttons (yes I have a button fetish as well) to the corners.

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