Sunday, 15 January 2012

Introducing - All Wrapped Up

Ok so I have mentioned this a few times but I am now ready to officially launch it :)

The idea for the package came from the desperation of men and their fear of well buying a nice present but well then presenting it to their loved one looking like "the dogs dinner".

The idea is easy - Buy a gift from from my shop - add the All Wrapped Up Package and then that gift will come beautifully wrapped with gift tag and greetings card of your choosing, I will even write in the card for you so literally all you have to do is present it. Of course there will be an option without the card if you prefer.

Now this is my standard wrapping - how you will get your purchase without the fancy package:

A piece of tissue paper and a bit of string colours vary.

Now this is the All Wrapped Up Package:
(please note contents for illustration only)

I will also be offering the flowers for sale separately


  1. That's a lovely idea, looks gorgeous!

  2. beautiful :) even females (me) can make their wrapping look like a dog's dinner... actually Tia's dinner generally looks more appetising! I have no patience for wrapping stuff... presents lie around for days and days while I pluck up the desire to wrap them.... and its not that I can't wrap nicely when I try... its just I have no patience... but hey I am getting more crafty lol.. maybe I'll one day take as much time as my mum and sister do on their wrapping :)


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