Saturday, 21 January 2012

Mouse World Domination and Giveaway

So I have booked a place at my first craft fair - its 14 April 2012 at Greasley Parish Hall.

Now it was a bit of a stab in the dark. You see I don't know my local area very well or the craft scene. I wanted a small fair for my start, because I want to test the waters as it were - 
One: how well will my items be received? And 
Two: will I be able to cope.

Now I was going on experience of fairs back in Essex and some of the best that I have been too (as a shopper) have been those little local ones. So I am optimistic. 

I am looking forwards to it and need to get stocked back up on Moo cards (I do love Moo, discovered them ages ago when I was wedding planning) and sort out tart books (all the jewellery spots full but no harm in taking tart books to show off).

Anyway I was thinking my bio is no longer right it needs updating 

So this is my bio:

"I up-cycle and repurpose fabric (with the occasional new piece thrown in) with cross stitch, embroidery and sewing to create gifts.

My ideas evolve from doodles, designs and from just letting the fabric tell me how it wants to be used – delving into my fabric boxes and pulling out the fabric that speaks to me on that occasion to create items such as quilts, cushions pr bags (with a little bit of knitting thrown in for good measure). These are either centred around a cross stitch or embroidered design (I like to think of stitching as painting on fabric with threads), either from my own design or from charts or from the fabric itself.

For inspiration I look to nature and the world around me through the lens of my camera and try to look at things from different angles.

My love of fabric, sewing needles and threads, beads and all things fluffy and sparkly have helped to create LittlemouseLilly a whirlwind of creativity."

It says nothing about my jewellery making and I am finding that I am doing less of the embroidery, cross stitching, not because I don't like it but because it takes time and I know from past experience that some people don't always appreciate the time and therefore don't understand the cost (once at a craft fair I heard someone mutter "its all lovely but over priced, its only handmade" GRRRR only hand made only ONLY but you'd be happy to pay double for mass poorly produced!?) so I need to update it I will be thinking about how to word it - have you got any suggestions? What do you think about the Mouse style?

Now onto the Givaway bit that I mentioned in the title :)

As readers will know I have been ill (or rather more ill!) lately and have been going through some 'stuff' (it's not over yet). Now everyone (blogger, twitter and blipfoto) have been fantastic and very supportive I am so glad that I did find the courage to speak out.

As a thank you and celebration of craft fair booking I am doing a giveaway and all you lovely, lovely people can win.

So here is what you can win:

More pictures can be found here

More pictures can be found here

More pictures can be found here

And lastly
Vintage fabric lavender heart

So how can you win I hear you cry - simple follow my blog and leave a comment to this post 

That will get your name into the hat once (yes a real hat I do things old school)

Now for the bonus chances - each step will get your name into the hat again:
follow me on Twitter
like me on facebook
favourite my shop on etsy
add me to your circle on etsy
follow me on pinterest
follow me on blipfoto
let people know about my giveaway, just let me know so I can ensure that your extra point goes in the hat

Ok so that is 7 additional chances to get your name into the hat, 8 chances in total.

Oh and make sure you let me know if you do the additional steps and who you are especially if you use different names on the other options :)

Last day to enter is Friday 10 February 2012.

Good luck x


  1. what a fab giveaway will tweet it get others to get involved! (:

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this & wish you every success at the craft fayre. I did one in Dec. But shared a table with a friend & wr did quite well. We had a mixture of items but I sold more of the smaller items, keyrings, coasters, mug cozys, n heart hangers. I will add you to my facebook & am already following you on twitter Mabel_Makes.

  3. Hiya.had a good mooch around..gotta say,I LOVE everything,youre very talented and long may you continue. Good luck at the craft fair,hope it goes well and you sell lots :) Ive followed you on f.b and will encourage my friends to do likewise as you deserve the support :) Laineyblueeyes. Elaine Hawkins.x

  4. Super fab prize! Good luck at the craft fair. Am already a twitter follower (@lannb28) but will do as many of the other options as I can!

  5. great giveaway and good luck!
    twitter: rjs682
    FB: Rondah S
    Favorite on etsy: rondah
    Tweeted the giveaway:!/rjs682/status/161705829802840064

  6. following gfc
    following on twitter
    favorited on etsy
    tmc480 at yahoo dot com

  7. You are so talented and creative sometimes you just make me smile!

  8. * GFC- ryanac32
    * Twitter- ryanac32
    * Etsy- Ryana
    * FB- Ryana C
    * email- ryanac32 at yahoo dot com
    Tweet link:!/ryanac32/status/163091012200308737


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