Friday, 20 January 2012

Photo A Day - Days 141 to 145

Argh I still haven't updated the rules page :(

My list ran out and although I blogged more rules I hadn't written them into my filofax so I decided to have a bit of a free choice week.

I have been feeling a bit blurgh - I have a permanent sore throat, which gets worse as the day goes on and have  intermittent earache. By bedtime each day I feel like I have a mild fever, my face is flushed and hot on a couple of times I have been that convinced that I have a temperature that I have stuck the thermometer in my mouth - I sit there it goes beep and mocks me with my 'normal' below average temperature :/

I couldn't face actually speaking to work - physically couldn't do so I texted in to say that I had been signed off.

I am feeling better - but then that's because I have kinda 'ignored' the whole issue this week and instead have been doing other things. But the anxiety is there, underneath lurking, waiting to erupt again. 

So my photos - again each has been taken on the day just doing a catch up post.

Monday 16 January - Day 141

The morning was cold, there had been a hard frost during the night and it clearly lighted the Ferd run in the garden - he has a sort of set circuit that he has to do first thing 'morning inspection' 

Tuesday 17 January - Day 142

I felt up to taking Ferd for a walk today - not far, just to the local playing field and a tootle round the graveyard, a quick 'hi' to Mr D H Lawrence.

Anyway I was absolutely disgusted by the amount of dog mess not just on the path and up the little lane towards the graveyard but also all over the playing field. Seriously if you are not capable of clearing up after your dog then you are not a responsible owner and should NOT have a dog GRRRR

The picture is of my Dicky Bag, some might say expensive (I did at first), but I saw the benefits of one on our doggie holiday and all I can say is money well spent (no more juggling bag of poo and camera).

Wednesday 18 January - Day 143

My sick note - still not totally sure about stress, think more a combination of stress, depression, anxiety and ME - trouble is I don't know the doctors and they don't know me so it makes it all the bit extra difficult. Mt old doctor knew me and ME and everything.

Thursday 19 January - Day 144

Ferd finally managed to get into his bed - normally its occupied by a cat. The only reason that he is in his bed is because I came over with a case of housewifeitus - I did a rather large pile of ironing that had been mounting up. Ferd tried to clamber in top of my clean washing (which was piled on the sofa) with rather muddy paws so he got shouted at hence the rather grumpy/resigned expression.

Friday 20 January - Day 145

I was trying to sneak up on Mr Mouse and get the white hairs in his beard - instead the photo makes him look ginger. Now I have nothing against ginger. Ginger Nut biscuits are very nommy, but Mr Mouse is not ginger. I think all the white hairs are just highlighting the natural 'strawberry' tones.


  1. Love your free choice photos... and yes, people not cleaning up after their dogs drives me insane! Not got a dicky bag though.. but can see that they are a good idea... memories of answering my phone, whilst holding tia and a poo bag... and realising said poo bag was now dangling inches from my nose are still firmly in my head.... so far I just don't answer the phone if Tia is on the lead lol... but a dicky bag would solve all these multi tasking issues!

    Now I am confused... am I doing the wrong rules? I noticed theothermousie has rules I can't find and wondered if i'd missed some?? :(

  2. PS carry on ignoring the situation, its doing you good and doing you good is the point of being off sick... so don't stress and worry about it, ignore the issue until you feel stronger... I know its not just going to go away, but I think it will help your mindset to just live a little without worrying about health and work, relax and look after yourself.. that is the important thing :)

  3. PPS you know these word thingies that you have to type in so the computer police know you are an actual person... are they real words do you think .... yes.. this is what a whole bottle of rioja does to my head!


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