Sunday, 24 July 2011

Little Bear

I have been wanting to have a go at bear making for a long time so a few years ago (while eyeing up some lovely bears) I decided to buy a kit from Daisy Lane Bears ( at a local craft fair.

Why a kit? Well because it contained all I needed to give it a go.

I have been given books on bear making but despite growing up with needle and thread and not a stranger to sewing it all seemed a different language to me - growlers, cotter pin wobble joints, safety eyes, embroidery thread......

Well ok embroidery threads I knew (how could I not when I cross stich and embroider).

Anyway this kit has moved around a bit with me and has been gotten out and re-packed on a number of house moves. Why? Well because I was to scared to give it a try, it looked so complicated.

As I was packing bits up for yet another (and the last!) move, I re-looked at the kit and decided that it was only fear that was making it seem so complicated so I left it out to add to my crafternoon makes list....

Well here is his journey...

I started out with his head (after carefully reading the instructions).

A nice touch with the kit was that the pattern had already been transfered to the material ready for cutting - but a template was also included (a companion in the future!).

Wooo almost a head... and it wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be.

Leg and arms were next:

And then the body:

The fiddly bit was turning the small shapes the right way (but a handy knitting needle helped).

I then had an almost complete bear......

I was more than a little excited by this point.... especially as I had only started to make him on Thursday evening and I got to this point on Friday morning :)

Ok well getting to this point is all well and good (I was sewing - sewing I do), the next bit involved creating his face (eek not something that you want to mess up):

I think I did ok.

Well then I had to get my head round wobble joints, read the instructions, look at the bits, read the instructions, look at the picture.......

Oh thats how they go together (as I search for the jewelry making pilers - have now learnt that you can get a special cotter tool!?!).......

Well here he is almost done....

The handy knitting needle was useful again for the stuffing.

And drum roll please....... he is finished:

Wooo Hoooo (unfortunately husband was still asleep at this point so Zara (my Giant Rabbit) had to help me celebrate).

Well after all my hard work he deserved some arty shots:

As to his name........
He has been given into the care of my husband to think of a name.....any suggestion?

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  1. Uhooi,,
    Wow, It's a very nice, cute and creative,,


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