Wednesday, 11 April 2012

And the Messy Studio Award Goes To.....


Well if there is a messy studio/craft room award at the moment I think I would win it hands down.

I thought that I would share my space - the aim was to tidy it first. But well I thats not going to happen today - it will some point.

So these are my little bookshelves (I do need to get a full sized one at some point) - you can see I have tried to keep at least a small part of my room tidy.

As you can see there is a cat bed sort of buried down there

So this is my desk - its smaller than my last one (Mr Mouse has that one now) the space is shared between sewing, jewellery making and now the computer (I normally draw snuggled downstairs on the sofa) - oh and the bane of my life the wireless printer/scanner is DOWNSTAIRS in Mr Mouses studio (that he shares with Queen Zara, the washing machine, tumble dryer and boiler - so I guess I shouldnt really moan toooo much after all I do have a room to myself)

Erm now you see that chest of draws? Yes! Well erm it might be (ok is) FULL of fabric. The bags in front are craft magazines that need sorting (and yes there might be another box full in another room).

The colourful storage draws are full of jewellery making supplies and packaging.

Oh and that cardboard box on the pile with the parcel tape contains my wedding skirt and corset (really want to be able to display the corset in some way - I should open the box and make sure its all ok).

Yep my room is small (I have too much stuff) so even the window sill hasnt escaped being cluttered (but I do have a lovely view)

Ok so there might be some more fabric

Oh and some wool

Now I will have to surprise you all and do a its all tidy post in the future (will there be cake if I do?)

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