Saturday, 8 September 2012

Liberated Art

Sometime ago I found out about the Liberate Your Art 2012 Postcard Swap (you can find out more about the event here and Kat the wonderful event organiser - go on have a little nose around and if you like what you see here is her facebook page and maybe you can join in next year).

At first I was a little should I, shouldn't I. Despite all the lovely comments I get and selling my illustrations I guess I am still a little bit shy (and of course readers and followers will know about my anxiety struggles), I know it doesnt make sense, but I am just a little country Mouse after all.

I bravely signed up and then then deliberated the postcards to send - a selection of my illustrations, some photography, or some shots of my creations. This time I went with a selection of my illustrations.

I packaged my cards up and entrusted them to the Royal Mail to get them across to America in time and eagerly awaited for the swap to officially begin.

I need to say a huge thank you to Kat - oh my god the task you had getting these all sorted, sticking on address labels and stamps (this is how she did it) thank you, thank you, thank you :D

So then it was the waiting.

First glimpse of post cards arrived on the facebook events page - how exciting to share this with everyone.


Waiting - yes I know the postcards had to fly all the way here so I just had to wait patiently.

And eventually Postcard One made it:

Its journey saw it leave Australia to head on over to America and then on to me in Nottinghamshire its a real globe trotting card and I love it:

Copyright magnetisedbylife 2012

The quote on the back of the card was "share your passion, follow your dreams"
Like what you see? Want to see more well here you go etsy, facebook, blog.

Postcard two:

Copyright Jenna Kanna 2012
...and you garden will always have sunshine!

Such a cheery card and a perfect antidote to the rubbish summer that we've had.
For more check out her blog and etsy.

Postcard Three:

Copyright Cinda Bauman 2012
I have bored people for many years with my desire for chicken so this little guy will help to remind me of that and one day I will get there. You can check out Cinda's webite here really great illustrations I was specially taken with "...he turned with a twitter, and raced to the trunk of a tree"

Postcard Four:

Copyright Janice Darby 2012
"hello from the coast of California"

This little guy popped through the letter box just on the right day I had woken up in pain and had been reduced to tears, he just made me smile and wipe those tears away - art is very powerful.
You can check out more of Jancie's photography on her blog.

Postcard Five:

Copyright Maria "Rinda" Ontiveros 2012

Rinda's message was to "enjoy this photographic taste of my coastal community". And enjoy it I am, its a really interesting shot. You can find out more about Rinda and see her work on her blog.

and last but in no way least postcard six from Kat:

Copyright Kat Eye Studio 2012 
I am already looking forwards to next year :) 


  1. Clare, I love your post about this. Your illustrations are wonderful! Wish I had received one of them in the swap. I also blogged about the swap - read here if you want -
    I look forward to seeing your work in next year's swap! Take Care, Judy (heyjude)

  2. What a great post - it really made me smile! Glad you liked my post card. And I love your drawing of the mouse on the way to the postbox . . .

  3. Wonderful post! I'm so glad you took the plunge and joined us this year. Wasn't it liberating??

  4. Such a great post, so glad you liked my card & happy to connect with you through the swap. Your illustration is very sweet.

  5. You received a lovely set of cards! I love your little mouse drawings, they're wonderful!!

  6. I read the word Nottinghamshire in that post! Well, ey up me duck! where abouts are you based?


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