Friday, 21 March 2014

Budget Hair

I decided that I wanted to dye my hair but having no job means no money which left me looking longingly at the boxes of hair dye in Boots. But undeterred I decided to pop into Savers, now I have been into Savers before only I've generally also just walked straight back out but I am trying to embrace the budget stores so I did have a proper look and was really surprised at what was on offer.

So on the the hair dye, they had the big brands but I decided to be brave and try a more purse friendly budget dye (well not that brave as I at least stuck to a brand I'd heard of though obviously more familiar with the make-up) - Revlon Colorsilk in 04 Ultra Light Natural Blonde. This was around £3 per box.

So the before shot:

My hair was a real mix of faded red and pink with a little of my natural blonde mixed in and as you can see I have long hair so I brought two boxes. As always in preparation I mixed up both bottles of dye ready and this was a mistake because I actually only needed one, so I while I would recommend buying two boxes if you have long hair only mix up one and see how far you get.

Applying the dye was pretty easy, but I have to say it was very runny and I did make a bit of a mess with following the instructions so I ditched those and put the dye into my hands to then spread over my hair a little bit at a time.

The During:

this is my worried face
So once it was applied it was a case of setting the timer and fiddling about waiting. I have to say about 10 minutes in I was starting to get a little worried as it was starting to tingle on my head (oh yeah allergy test I never bother with that bit). But it wasn't burning and didn't persist to anything beyond a tingle so I kept waiting, I mean what's the worse that could have happened? Right!

The box claims that it actually leaves your hair in better condition and I have to say once I started to wash it out I got even more worried as my hair felt horrible. Now again I was surprised with the conditioner that came in the box, normally the little tiny tiny packets that are provided are not actually enough for my long locks but this one was hurrah. And hurrah again as after conditioning my hair did actually feel pretty good and was nicely conditioned and biggest thing of all hadn't fallen out.

The almost there:

waiting for it to dry for final colour
The after:
So would I used it again? Actually I would, I think the result would have been better with Garnier Nutrisse or something like Nice 'n Easy but I was (and still am) pretty happy.

the side by side comparison 

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