Sunday, 30 March 2014

Mother's Day

Happy Mothers Day. 

My Mummy was kind and gentle, but a dragon when needed. She taught me to be me. Yeah she sometimes forgot to feed us, when in the 'gardening zone' 🐞🐜🌷but that taught us to fend for ourselves and surprise her with cries of rumbly bellies to call her in when she would then discover dinner on the table. 

She was mad and never let being an adult get in the way of doing silly things, what's the fun in that 😉 

She extended our family with a motley crew of animals, mostly rescued and taught us to care for and respect them. 

No matter which direction our lives took she was proud of our achievements. 

She could see I was ill and battled to get me diagnosed to see if I could be fix, it never mattered that I couldn't be fixed. And where I would see disappointment and failure she would she achievement and remind me to be proud as I've battled with illness and still kept going.

My mummy was an amazing woman and I am proud of all she taught me. 

I miss you x

194O - 2010 

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