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#SpoonieRunning - A Journey From Couch to 5k: The Journey So Far....

The Couch to 5k plan that I am following aims to get you running 5k (or 30 minutes) over a nine week period, but that does not mean that you can not stretch it out longer if you need to.

Week One (24 February) - Week One of Couch to 5k Plan
Track suit bottoms on, zip top, trainers laced up, dog hitched up, ipod turned on and off I went on run number one.

I survived.

I then did it again and again.

Each week consists of runs and rest days. In total each week you only have to do the hard running bit 3 times. Now that doesn't sound to bad does it and rest days total nailed them :)

Actually I found week one pretty easy. But I have to confess I didnt start this plan from the couch I had been giving running a try on and off during the previous year. Mainly off as I was inconsistent.

I also invested in a lovely pair of Nike Legend Track Pants.

I found them in TK Maxx which did mean that I couldn't be picky about leg length so being too long its great that I can sew:

see how much I had to cut off 
They are really comfy and more importantly have been keeping me warmer than my legging.

Week Two (3 March) - Week Two of Couch to 5k Plan
I survived week one and started week two with the same ease.

I am not saying running is easy just over the course of the previous year I had obviously done something right (it was hard when I started and the thought of a minute was an eternity). I think my baseline level of fitness was probably at this week.

But still it was an amazing achievement to finish as for me it meant two consistent weeks, whereas before it was this consistency that I was struggling with.

Week Three (10 March) - Week Three of Couch to 5k Plan
And now the real test began as reps this week included a 3 minute run. Three whole minutes non stop. It was harder than the previous weeks but I did it.

Then it came to run 3 of the week and I didn't complete the final run, I was one tiny little minute, 60 whole seconds short. I had been complaining that my lungs were hurting, its something I have battled with before and always assumed that it was due to the bad chest infections I had a few years ago. But my peak flow was fine and I think what actually was happening was inflammed ribs. But I just couldnt push through the pain on that last run and enough was enough I decided it was better to stop.

Along side this I had also been getting a mild sore throat, a classic sign that my body is not happy with what I am doing with it.

But no that wasn't enough to contend with, I had to slip.

I prevented myself from hitting ground (you know where you kind of fling and contort your body to keep balance) and in the mean time I heard something in my foot snap.

No mobile phone. No one around. Just me and the dog.

I could weight bare and I gingerly hobbled home stopping on a few occasions to double over and cry with pain - I was very thankful of my huge sunglasses. I got home took my trainer off and thats when I cried out loud as I could no longer weight bare and contemplations of A&E were running through my mind. Mr Mouse helped me to the sofa so I could do basic assessment.

Not broken, no swelling, just ankle no longer support foot in correct position. So wonky joint issue. After a little rest I was able to make it upstairs.

And this was the result:
Left Ankle needed support to hold it back in alignment and sprained
Right Ankle sprained
Left Knee wobbly
Right Knee not so wobbly
Left wrist sprained

at least I was colourful 

Week Four (17 March) - Rest
Well what could I do other than rest. And generally I did start to feel better. Not 100% but better.

Week Five (24 March) - Week Four of Couch to 5k Plan
So with the sprained bits all ok I embarked on week 4.

Run one I survived.

Post run one not so good it was clear I needed way more rest. My throat was sore complete with gunk running down the back of it, I hurt and I was sleeping for England.

Week Six (31 March) - Week Four of Couch to 5k Plan
And starting week four again.

I managed to almost complete week 4.

I did two runs but my final run was ended a little early due to knee pain.

Week Seven (7 April)
Another week of rest again just so tired that I couldnt do anything but listen to my body and its need for rest.

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