Wednesday, 21 March 2012

My First Craft Fair

So last Saturday was my very first craft fair and I had a great time.

You can see my table here

And here are some of the things that I took:

Some lovely, lovely bags
My badges didn't do as well as I expected - I think it was down to the display  I just popped them all into a pot so for the next one they will be displayed in a better look and me kind of way

And of course I took some cushions and cuddles

My cards went down very well and I got loads of compliments on them - the cushions also proved popular at drawing people to my stall. And the little lavender hearts went down well.

Now like everyone your first is a big deal. Will I sell anything? Will people like what I do? Will I have enough change?

For me it was also about can I do this? Can I cope?

As you all know I have a chronic illness, I also suffer from chronic back pain and anxiety. So my first time was a pretty big deal. Now I was lucky and had the lovely theothermousie on the table next to me (a lovely fellow mouse that I met on twitter) and I have to say a big thank you to theothermousie, Mr Mousie and the Mice for helping me on the day (My Mr Mouse had to stay at home).

I viewed the day as a learning experience the fact that I made some money for me was a bonus. I proved to myself that I can do it - so onwards and upwards. 

Tips that I learnt:
Dont under estimate how much prep work you need to do
If your items can be transported on/in their displays do it (saves time setting up)
Label before you go
Have a list of your items (this will work as a stock list and sales list to help you keep track for your accounts)
Take a pen and note book for contacts/custom order bookings
Take a duplicates book (in case someone wants a receipt)
Make your Storage work for you - think can it double up for display?
Have easy to eat nibbles and try to fit those nibbles in during the lulls of activity
Flask of tea/bottle of drink 
Think about how you are going to transport your stock - I found that those big blue Ikea bags are great along with under bed tote bags (these could then be folded and stored safely out of the way (no trip hazards please)

What will I do differently at my next one?
No jewellery (because jewellery slots were all taken) - but I will be taking a tart book
Better display of badges
Will create stepped display for cushions so they are even more visible
Will make it clearer that I do commission work
Will make it clearer that postcards are there to be taken
Will make sure that everyone who buy something gets a business card and try to hand more out :)

Will I be booking more?
Oh yes 

So how was your first time. Do you have any tips that you want to share?

Now a sneak peak at a new venture:

Wonderfully modelled by Mr Mouse - I will be opening a CafePress store so you will be able to get my lovely illustrations printed on things like jim jams - oh yes I know exciting. I brought these to check out the quality and because I love Mr Mouse and he loves Leonard.


  1. Great post. Well done with your first craft fair, I can well imagine the nervousness. But - you did it! Brilliant. Roll on the next one.
    Thinking re badges... how about a nice big picture frame - take out the glass and pin the badges onto a pretty piece of felt?

    1. Thank you and thats what I was thinking for the badges great minds think alike :) lol

  2. Well done Little Mouse!!! like you I've just started doing craft fairs recently and then I took the plunge and applied for a more permanent market table at the big shopping centre in Belfast , Victoria Square. It has been such a steep learning curve but so enjoyable! Like you I worried about having enough change and whether or not people would like my things but now I can't get enough of it! Like you too, I have a bad back and I need to be careful with how I lift. This week i'm back on the painkillers because I wasn't as careful as usual! And I could do with a gang of mice helpers too! Good luck for your next one...they just get better and more fun!! Ciara :0)

  3. You were brilliant & your stall looked perfect! It was a pleasure being with you, look forward to doing it again sometime soon.

    Mr Mouse looks very dapper in your fab t-shirt designs too :))


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