Friday, 23 March 2012

Photo A Day - Day 208

Free Choice

Today was meant to be cake - but my back is in spasm so I couldn't make any and we dont have any in the house (I know shocking)

Anyway I thought that I would share with you my blip today:

Chronic Back Pain

So as you all know I suffer from Chronic Back Pain and I have been going to back school - the Back and Pain Team.

I am learning lots but it still didn't stop me from doing something stupid yesterday (decided I was super mouse and lifted some paving slabs) - so yes you've guessed it my back has gone in spasm.

But this time instead of curling up in a ball and crying I am coping better (ok I wont lie there was some crying) but importantly I did some gently stretching exercises I have taken my pain killers through out the day on the allotted hours rather trying to manage, I have invested in a tens machine and I have made sure that I have got up and about and kept moving (Mr Mouse did have to put my socks on for me though - my feet are sooooo far away).

Anyway I did a photo montage 

The Pain Ladder is from the World Health Organisation and helped me realise that I dont have to be ashamed to need pain meds. I have also learnt (ok I already knew this but I still fight it) that I should be taking my pain meds sooner - I should not wait for crisis point (at which point its pretty pointless taking them).

The funny man is called homunculus - its a visual representation of what the body would look like if each part grew in proportion to our brains body map - this is not static and is always changing.

I have also learnt about the pain gate theory. Being able to understand the pain really does help. The important thing to remember in long term pain is that hurt does not mean harm.

Its really interesting to know that the body heals in 3 months - where you get chronic pain is because the messages have got jumbled and you sort of get a fuzzy over sensitive area - which is why with chronic pain its often hard to say exactly where it hurts.

And well Ferd is part of my treatment to - we had to set goals at the start of our treatment and mine was to be able to take Ferd for a walk every day. 

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