Thursday, 1 March 2012

Walk Away the Grumps

I was feeling very down this morning.
I got stuff out to make cake.
Couldn't remember how to make cake.
Put stuff away.
Looked on iPad and found recipe that I could modify.
Proceeded to get stuff out again.
Got Grumpy almost threw everything on the floor.
Went and sat down cried for a bit.
Then made cake.
Then cake dilemma needed to wait for it to cool down before I could add the drizzle.
Impatient mouse so hitched up Ferd and went for an afternoon walk.

This is our 'door step' walk as in its only just down the road and does not require the car:

 First we stop off in the playing field so Ferd can have a run about.

Ferd the gets put back on his lead at we head into the cemetery - we have to say hello to its famous resident.

 Hello Mr D H Lawrence

Ferd was getting a little bit bored and restless by this point (well I kept stopping to take photos and he wanted to get back to the park)

And time for home

Well with another little run in the park for Ferd

And home for a Nap with Dad

 And Cake


  1. Flower pics are really pretty, what sort of camera you using?

  2. Lovely photos... great pics of Ferd and the flowers and fancy DH Lawrence being an "also"


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