Thursday, 17 May 2012

An Afternoon Stroll

I know that I have not yet updated with my Photo A Day Challenge - I have been taking photos every day and a catch up post is coming :)

My photos can also be found on blipfoto :)

But in the mean time I thought that you might enjoy another Mouse walk.

Today we went to Shipley Country Park in Derbyshire. It really is a lovely place to visit and is also accessible to everyone and plenty of spots to sit down before carrying on, also we had fun checking out some of the activity equipment that they have (think of it as a free green gym) some of it even I could do :)

The trip to the park was prompted by a promise to Ferd that I would take him swimming as I wouldn't let him dive into the canal the other day.

We are also checking out some more places that we can visit with Ferd (if you have any dog friendly suggestions for Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire let us know - Ferd says he likes swimming and anywhere that he can get to swim would be ace).


  1. Brilliant photos! And I'm especially loving the slightly sneaky squirrel and rabbit shots . . . ;-)

  2. What a lovely park and beautiful photos. I especially like the bunny shot.


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