Friday, 28 October 2011

Creative Hair!

I asked on twitter recently if I should dye my hair purple, red or leave it blonde.

Well purple won 

The before:
This mornings blonde hair 
The during:

The mess:

And the after:

I have been poorly this week so really not looking my best

The colour is Live Colour XXL - Cyber Purple 46

Now ok I know its not a bright purple but I work in an office and think this is as daring as I can go. 

Of course when I was a teenager I experimented (much to my Mums erm delight.....ok she tolerated it as long as it was never permanent) with lot of colour - my favourite being Blue. I do miss having blue hair. I remember on the way to the V Festival one year I had to make an ATM stop and a child pointed at me and said something like mummy look at her hair - well the child got told to shhh as they hurried away. Ok so blue hair, piercings (at that time I didnt even have my lip pierced, my eyebrow might have been), some form of band shirt and probably a short skirt and I was obviously considered to be a terror that small children should be shielded from!

I have grown up now - well sort of.

Oh and I give it about 2 weeks maybe a month before I start to miss my natural blonde, with which I have a love hate relationship.


  1. I am so the opposite when it comes to this, i have never dyed my hair although sometimes i wonder what i would look like not mousey. I like yours, it suits you.

  2. I think it's a very brave transition. Well done you. I rather like it.... though I'm a sucker for silly hair colours.

  3. I love purple. It'a a lovely shade it looks looks good. My sister has her hair tinted with purple and red streaks.


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