Sunday, 16 October 2011

Photo A Day - Day 48 to 50

I have taken each photo on the appropriate day but I have not been feeling well enough to blog them.

I had a training day with the day job on Friday that left me in a lot of pain. I don't do well with sitting for long periods in the same position. At work I have a special chair that moves with me so I am never still (that's the best I can get for comfort at work). But really I am never totally comfortable sitting with my legs down, mostly they have to be elevated (more than the 2 inches off the floor that H&S at work say). 

Another aspect of Friday that left me in pain was dealing with public transport. Luckily it was only trains (I don't do buses) but on my way home I had to spend part of the time standing on legs that already hurt. People don't give up seats, and its especially hard when you have a hidden disability as they cant see that you do actually need to sit down. By the time I had hobbled to my car my legs hurt so much that I just cried on my drive home.

So onto my photos:

Day 48 - Red, White, Blue

This is the decal on the back of my lovely car (it is blue - just a smidge dirty).
It came with the car as part of the limited edition pack.

Day 49 - Diamonds:

I proposed to my lovely Mr Mouse, he said yes and we went ring shopping.

Now I don't like big rings, I am not flashy and I like timeless classics so I picked a diamond solitaire. I know that some people will look at my ring and only see the size. Well I looked at bigger ones but they weren't me and frankly would have got on the way when sewing and knitting. My engagement ring does have a little secret - there is another diamond on the inside with the words 'One Love'

Our wedding rings we had made for us - the date is in Roman numeral, very fitting as we were married in Camulodunum. The date is spaced with little diamonds.

I have said to Mr Mouse that I am now collection diamonds.....I see diamond trilogy and eternity rings in my future (Mr Mouse take note).....

Day 50 - Socks:

I have lots of socks and none of them are plain. I often will pick up a new funky pair when I see them, to the point that I have to remember a little mantra 'I have enough socks'.

During the summer you will never see a pair on my feet but as it gets colder there are an essential item of clothing. 

I have Raynauds Disease (yes something else that's added to the list, luckily its mild), but my extremities get very cold, numb and I even get chilblains on my toes if I am not careful. It affects my feet, hands (I have to sleep wearing gloves) and even my nose (Mr Mouse keeps saying that they should develop a nose warmer).

My hands and feet get that cold that even when I have warned someone they still tend to be a little surprised, and Mr Mouse threatens divorce if the socks/gloves are removed during the night.

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  1. Sorry to hear you've been feeling so ill, hope you're feeling a bit better now :)

    I don't look at size when I see a ring... well I do, I hate the big, gaudy ones!! Small & simple rings are perfect.. big is not beautiful! I like the fact you have a diamond on the inside of the engagement ring too with One Love on it... its all v romantic :) Your wedding ring is gorgeous, very different.

    I'm dreading sock day...... I need some nice new bright lovely ones.. rather than my crappy black ones!


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