Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Photo A Day - Ooops & Intresting Ideas Forming.....

So I have gotten a little behind with my photo a day challenge....again.

As I have mentioned we have recently moved and are still waiting for crucial services to be set up.

We now have our Sky TV transferred - so no more staring at a blank telly, but we are still waiting for our phone and broadband to be sorted out.

So how have I been blogging? Well I have been using my trusty HTC and all its wonderfulness but have been relying on a 3G connection and dreaded usage limits (occasionally archaic work computer allows me access) and about a week ago I lost the link to tell me how much allowance I had left - nervous times as I did not want to be faced with a huge bill for my internet addiction. But its ok new usage allowance has been added for the month and broadband should be going live soon :)

Now as to interesting ideas forming...

I am planning on making a cake. Not very hard I know, but this one will be made from fabric instead of flour, sugar, eggs and butter but will still be yummy. My littlemouse brain is working out a pattern now.

I have also had some lovely comments with regard to my flower sprites, so I have some plans for those too involving printer and some 'special' paper.

Updates will be appearing soon.

And as to my promised shop - well the broadband technical issued have also heald that up - but I am planning something to go with its launch.

Its all go at Mouse Manor :)

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  1. Thanks for the update sweetheart. You will get there soon xxx


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