Friday, 17 February 2012

About the Mouse

So I while ago I mused about updating my blurb - the 'about me' so here goes:

I have been creating for as long as I can remember – from pasta necklaces to long stitch tapestry with activities for ‘rainy days’ thrown in and makes from Blue Peter. I simply know no other way to be.

I grew up watching my Grandmother knit and crochet, my Mother cutting patterns, sewing and knitting and my Great Aunt knitting and being fascinated with the tailors chalk and pins, remnants from the days when she was a tailoress/seamstress.

I lost my creative way during my teenage years – oh the urge was there but it was mainly channelled into doodling my school note books (and shirts – yes with fabric pens). It wasn’t until I became ill with ME that I re-found myself.  I re-discovered cross stitch and lost myself in it rhythm and the joy of creation and the sense of achievement.

Over the years I have re-discovered other passions the main ones being sewing. I love to create snuggles and cushions – to take fabric and give it life.

I have also discovered the joy of jewellery making. I like to use a mix of materials but I have to say that my favourites are sterling silver and real gemstones for their beauty and warmth.

Recently through the encouragement of my husband I am drawing and painting – a secret passion for many years because I simply thought that I wasn’t good enough. Not a lot of people realise but part of my degree was in design – it was environment design but I still had to learn form, function and legibility (oh and drawing was involved).

LittlemouseLilly was born out of my need to create. For many years I have made gifts – cushions, dog beds, snuggles...

And for years people have said that I should sell my creations. But I never before took the leap. I dipped a toe in once – I had an exhibition and sold a couple of cushions. But I have now decided that I don’t want to get old and wonder “what if” so I have taken that leap.

My inspiration comes from my upbringing in rural Essex. Time spent wondering fields, by the coast and in a castle.  Fascinated by Arthurian legend, Boudicca, Magic and Fey (Fay/Fairies).
And then there is Oxford – I have been privileged to call Oxford my second home (a family history and time at uni) walks in the park, along the river, Alice in Wonderland and dinosaurs. Oh and not forgetting the amazing architecture – gothic, defensive, Victorian gothic, Victorian, Georgian.....Medieval streets, ghosts stories, the covered market and the tavern that my head has no idea where it is but my feet do.

I now live in Nottinghamshire bordering Derbyshire and I soak up the rural landscapes and look forwards to further exploring, always with my trusty camera, wonderful husband and dog (and coming home to the rest of the family – 4 cats and 2 rabbits). 

So what do you think? Do you feel like you know a little bit more about what makes the Mouse (me) tick? Is it too long? Not enough information? Would you like something more?

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