Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Folksy Vs Etsy - What do you think?

When I originally set up my shop I used Etsy - why? Well I was already a member and had brought things from the site. I like that its a global market place.

I had heard of Folksy and registered as a member and had a bit of a nose about and there is some inspiring stuff but it never grabbed me like Etsy. Around the time that I was considering setting up my shop was when the whole "assembled" alienation began - because apparently there is less creativity/skill I don't know what. There were lots of grumbles on twitter and I was put off.

Recently I wondered if maybe I am losing out on potential sales as some people maybe put off of Etsy and the USD. Now I have set my shop up using good old British Pounds Sterling, but as new visitor/user to Etsy I believe it defaults to displaying USD until you have fiddled with your account settings and said hello I am English pretty please can I see the prices in GBP (I still remember my early days on Etsy when you needed to have a currency converter open in another tab on your browser).

Well this is how my Etsy store looks like:

and you will notice that here on my blog there is a lovely little plug in page displaying my shop and I also have a lovely little plug in over on my Facebook its all so lovely when things play together with minimal effort. 

Recently I decided to open a Folksy shop. 
This is it

Now I do like the fresh modern feel of Folksy but so far I don't know if its working for me. I know, I know there are only three items in my shop. There is a reason for this I find the whole listing procedure clunky. It simply takes too long - not so bad if you only use one photo per listing but me no I like to ensure people get to see as much of an item as they can so I max out the picture limit per listing.

Now I have had a sale on Folksy but again this was all too annoying for me - disjointed - the item in question (a card) had a choice of badges, but when the order came through no note to tell me of the selection so delay as I contacted the customer. Then when it came to packing up the order - ummm where do I get the nice invoice (like in Etsy)? Oh there doesn't seem to be one (maybe there is and I haven't found it). Oh well paypal to the rescue (but a bit of faff).

But that got me to thinking - was there a comment box during checkout, did they miss it. What is it actually like to buy something on Folksy. So I hunted for some supplies (again I want to note that there are loads of lovely sellers I found lots of nice things).

Now searching seemed well a little bit clunky - I wanted to be able to break it down more and to change the view - for me I don't really like list view I prefer a nice grid (Etsy lets me choose depending on my mood) - maybe there is a setting somewhere and I havent found it yet. Anyway I found something that I wanted and Oh look I need to let the seller know my preference. Excellent a test.


Check out - erm where do I let the seller know my preference? Couldn't find an option anywhere during checkout. So I had to contact the seller as a separate action to the check out procedure - madness.

Seller lovely, items arrived nicely package etc the little extra mile that keeps us all going back to independents. 

But the Folksy interface - clunky.

I also like that Etsy gives me stats, without me needing to sign up for something else, attempt to get it to work, get grumpy with it and annoyed that I have to go to another site.

So do I invest more time in it or close the Folksy shop?

If you sell/buy on Folksy how do you find the experience? Would you always check Folksy first because you know its a British selling platform? Or are you not bothered Etsy/Folksy doesnt matter its all down to the products!

Please let me know your views.


  1. Hello! Thanks for a v.interesting post! I agree with you about the clunkiness of Folksy both to sell and to buy on. I started out with Folksy last July, am still having sales through it but I find the process in listing slow. I haven't bought anything from Folksy in a while, my preference is Etsy when it comes to buying. I also have an Etsy shop, in which the sales are gradually increasing! It is a much bigger marketplace but I find their listing, selling and buying process much more streamlined and user friendly!
    Kim x

  2. Hello,
    I must agree with you totally! I have closed my Folksy shop and opened with Etsy, so much easier to list items.
    Linda x

  3. Interesting post, for some weird reason although I've bought loads of things on Etsy I've only set up my shop on Folksy so far. Not sure why this is maybe I should give Etsy a go it just seems sooo huge though plus I don't have huge amount of time or stock just now so I'm not sure I could manage a shop on each platform. Rather miffed there's no comments box on Folksy as a couple of my items have the option to be personalised... hmm will have to go and take a look at that, thanks for mentioning that.

  4. Heya, I have a shop on both although because Etsy is so much more streamlined I have over a 100 items there and 30 on folksy. Saying that this week I've had sales from folksy not etsy, so I have been ramping up what I have on there. It is slow though. I think since this is how I want to make my living I would be silly not to use both, but etsy is definitely the more user friendly and maybe folksy just needs time and the money behind it to get just as good!

  5. Just my two cents, i use both etsy and folksy to buy, and actually i search folksy first, etsy second, just because of the convenience of knowing the iten is probably shipping from the UK. I find that things cost a little more on folksy, meaning you can charge a bit more, and tend to be better quality but i like etsy better for the buying experience.

    I would say if its not too much of a pain and expense to stick with folksy as its growing and im sure it will keep improving :)

  6. I've had a shop on both Folksy and Etsy with about the same number of products in and I really did sell alot more through Etsy. Folksy has a lot of catching up to do and I find that more people have heard of Etsy. However if you're in business seriously I think you have to do both. Having said all this I have actually sold the most through my own website and it makes me more money as I cut out the middleman.

  7. having a nose round here after following from Chez Hippo (I do loves me a bit of Friday hopping!) Really interested to read this post........ If you're nosey enough to search me out, you'll find out why! LOL


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