Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Photo A Day - Days 159 to 170

We had an emergency trip back to Essex that meant that I could not blog for a couple of days and then as readers will know I have not been very well and I decided that I needed to reduce my computer time (also a migraine was not helpful) a little bit.

But I have kept up with my Photo A Day Challenge - I have had to add in 'Free Choice' days. 

Friday 3rd February - Day 159
Free Choice

Waiting at the service station
Saturday 4th February - Day 160
Something New

I was given this by a wonderful Etsy seller as surprise for being her 100th customer (but there will be a proper post about that later)

Sunday 5th February - Day 161
Free Choice - Snow Days

This is my home village in the snow :)

Monday 6th February - Day 162
Free Choice - Snow Day 

Luna "I dont like it"

Tuesday 7th February - Day 163
Free Choice

Lush gemstones - a luck dip mixed bag.

Wednesday 8th February - Day 164
Free Choice - Snow Day

Uli "its still there then"

Thursday 9th February - Day 165
Free Choice

A little treat 

Friday 10th February - Day 166
Free Choice

I dont think this is quite right - poor Ferd

Saturday 11th February - Day 167
Free Choice

I've been making badges again :)

Sunday 12th February - Day 168
Free Choice

Bag charm made by me :)

Monday 13th February - Day 169
Free Choice 

Elegant pearls

Tuesday 14th February - Day 170
Free Choice - Valentines 

This is what I got for Mr Mouse :) 

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