Saturday, 25 February 2012

Saturday Afternoon Walk

Mr Mouse and I are very lucky that we have this on our doorstep (and Derbyshire, will be looking for some dog friendly pubs soon):

So please join us for our afternoon walk.

Note clean and dry dog

On top of the world

Old Fish pass

Waiting for me - she who lags behind because #1 ME has made me slow #2 big toe is in a non bending mood so walking hurts more than on 'average' day and #3 I have my camera

You should be looking at your dog not me

Ferd did you have to

Now the spaniel is wet

I am going in again

Stink mud dog


Ferd NO

'that' is not getting in the car

there's a junk (assume reclamation) yard along the walk on the other side

I guess sticking it in a tree was the only logical thing to do!

Spring emerging 

Someone had hung up bird feeders

and one day I will get a DSLR
I hope you enjoyed our walk.

Love the Mouse x


  1. Thank you for a lovely walk mouse x

  2. Oooh Ferd is a bit like my friend Shelby, she's orange and white too. That was a lovely walk and such a lot of water!!

  3. Mmm this all looks a bit familiar!!! It's a great area for walks we do have so much on our own doorsteps. Your photo's look amazing too

    1. thank you. Ummm I wonder why it looks a little bit similar lol
      We are lucky with whats on our doorstep (but we will always miss the beach)

  4. I loved your walk. Someone told me once that to own a Spaniel you must ALWAYS have a sense of humour. I see you have learnt that lesson too?!

    1. Ferd is not my first spaniel so I knew what we were getting - a ball of madness that will never grow up :)

  5. Do Swans eat dogs!

    What a lovely walk . . . BUT I'd go on my Bike!


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