Saturday, 26 November 2011

Christmas Jewellery

Finally after a whole week of waiting my jewellery findings arrived so I was able to finish making my Christmas jewellery.

Oh and its so unique you wouldn't have to worry about turning up to 'that' Christmas do and the horror of discovering someone has the same bling as you.

The collection is based on my Christmas illustrations which have been turned into unique charms with the magic of shrink plastic (oh the squeaks of delight as they came out the oven transformed into little magical charms).

Bracelet One

Bracelet Two

Necklace One

Necklace Two

Earrings One

Earrings Two

I have also made a couple of new gemstone pieces



And just as a bonus here are some better pictures of the bracelet cluster that I have made as a Christmas present for a young girl

I do love my fake snow :)

I hope you have enjoyed looking at my jewellery - Christmas Collection will be added to my Etsy Store but if there is a piece that you like and its not yet uploaded on store just message me for details. 

Oh and as always comments gratefully received, yes including constructive criticism  :) 

1 comment:

  1. Wonderful stuff. The shrink plastic charms have turned out a treat. Particularly fond of the little robins. Adorable.


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