Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Photo A Day - New Themes

Well we have all been enjoying this photo a day challenge and are nearing the end of the current set of themes so time for some more and a twist.

So for the twist:

Floating days - these days can be inserted to whenever it is appropiate in your Photo A Day Challenge

  • Halloween (yes I know that one was yesterday - but it needed putting down as an offical theme!)
  • Christmas/Yule
  • Birthday (yours or someone close to you)
  • New Year
  • Easter
  • Special Date (eg first date, wedding, childs birthday etc)
  • Mid Summer
  • Bank Holiday Fun (pick any of the bank holidays)
Ok so now on to the rest of the new themes:

  • Favourite place
  • Bed
  • Soft
  • Hard
  • Reflection
  • Looking Back
  • Free Choice
  • Black
  • Square
  • Cold
  • Household appliance/gadget
  • Hobby
  • Jewellery
  • Warm
  • Orange
  • Free choice but must be ouside
  • Free choice but must be inside
  • Free choice but must be in a kitchen
  • Free choice but must be in a bathroom
  • Free choice but must be in a bedroom
  • Free choice but must be in a living room
  • Work
  • Space
  • Enclosed
  • Something you brought in the last week
  • Music
  • Green
  • Calendar
  •  Wet
  • Technology
  • Something you cant live without
  • Sport
  • Map
  • Environment
  • Glass
  • Fabric
  • Metal
Well that should keep us going for a while. Do you have any suggestions - we would love to hear them and if you would like to join in then please do :)


  1. These were the new rule ideas I posted on theothermousie blog comment.. I should have blogged them!

    numbers for a week.. ie 1 flower, 2 birds, 3 cows, 4 something or other etc upto 7
    something you have made
    something crunchy
    completely still
    can you guess what it is yet... outdoors related
    garden visitor
    something red
    looking in

    Don't think I've duplicated any

  2. PS I love your new rules.... we have loads now, should keep us going for like ages :)


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