Sunday, 13 November 2011

Fabric Printing and Giveaway

Ever wanted to be your own fabric designer? Well now you can with easy to use printable fabric. Yep that's right its fabric and its printable, and it goes in your normal printer.

*squeaks of joy*

So here is what I did:

Step One - Work out what you want to print. I drew out some Christmas designs

Step Two - Load the fabric sheet into your printer (and run back to laptop)

Step Three - Pick design and press print (run back to the printer - a wireless set up seemed like such a good idea)

Step Four - Leave your print to dry for at least an hour 

Step Five - remove backing carrier sheet and use like any other fabric

(Printable fabric was purchased from )

So here is what I made:

The little Christmas decorations are made with my designer fabric, a gorgeous upcycled shimmery red fabric for the back and I raided the bits and bobs box for the lacy hangers. 

The little cushion has a lovely Christmas star fabric backing (from my left overs box - I don't like to waste fabric) and has been stuffed with lovely soft toy stuffing and lavender. It is approx 13cm x 10cm and would make a great little calming cushion for the 'big' night - as the smell of the lavender will (ok might) have a nice calming effect.

And now the bit you have been waiting for GIVEAWAY *happy dance of joy*

Here's what you could win:

Little Robin Cushion, 3 fabric Christmas Baubles, 3 Felt Christmas Decorations, A lovely Bracelet and 6 assorted Christmas Cards designed my me :)

I Love Christmas and I love giving gifts :)

So here is what you have to do to win this bundle of joy:

Follow this Blog and leave a comment on this post.

I will be picking a winner (at random) on Friday 2 December

Good luck 

LittlemouseLilly x


Because 2 December is also my birthday and I have always hated when birthday/Christmas presents have been lumped together *makes for a grumpy sad mouse* I am also doing a give away on my Facebook Page

So you get two chances to win 

Woooo hooo


  1. Absolutely love the Robin cushion. So cute. He reminds me of my cheeky chap that visits my bird table daily. :)

  2. I love love love that cushion! The robin looks so happy... He just makes me smile! And the bracelet is beautiful!!!!!

  3. Wow, wow, wow!!!! What fantastic paper and what a wonderfully kind giveaway too!! I love all of it - the baubles a re especially sweet :)

  4. I love the use you have put this printable fabric too. Your illustrations are so sweet.

  5. Following and commenting (:

    Such a lovey giveaway also love the mini tutorial

    Fingers crossed everyone good luck (:

  6. I now follow your blog via GFC
    Lovely giveaway!

  7. oh wow!!!! you've made me very excited about printable fabric.... and you made me laugh with all that running about!!!

    Im loving your designs, you do have an eye for simplicity and usefulness :)



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