Monday, 7 November 2011

Photo A Day - Day 72


I used to be able to read music and play (recorder, keyboard and electric organ).

Now I struggle to read music and it makes me sad that I am losing this skill. Many years ago I inherited my grandmothers piano, and I really want to learn to play - but first we need to find somewhere to put it. And find someone to teach me.

Why did I stop playing? I took a music gcse and by then end I just got sick of it.

And yep you did notice that I learnt electric organ - I know you are thinking odd choice but I love Toccata and fugue by Bach and I also discovered The Animals :D

Oh and I have no idea what the musical notation doodle even sounds like - thinking the notes might be g,a, a, b, a, d, f! Maybe someone can let me know?


  1. used to be able to read music too..... can't at all now.. I hated music class at school... now I wish I'd paid attention more!

  2. Not musical at all!! If the older mice were about I'd ask them as they've been having music lessons for a few months. I always think musical notes look pretty though - LOL!

  3. The notes are G AA B A E and then I can't see any further than that. It makes no sense rythmically though. You would write that differently and you would need bar lines and a time signature :)


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