Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Gamma Dog

Well I was prepping a blog about stitching but that will be for another time.

I have decided to introduce another little bit of creativity and a member of my family:

Archduke Ferdinand the First (Ferd for short)

He is a lovely Sprocker Spaniel (springer x cocker) and at 18 month is still a puppy :)

Why have I decided to deviate (slightly) off topic?

Well this morning we had to rush outside (again) as next doors dog was having ago and as she has already put her head through the fence once – we get worried for the safety of our little boy. And he is a very special little dog and the inspiration behind something but I will get to that...

Why the worry? A while ago he had to have veterinary treatment (torn flesh cut away and then stitched back up around his jaw – we were lucky that it wasn’t his throat), he was hurt by next doors dog after an altercation over the fence in the back garden. We got the Dog Warden to talk to them – but since all we have had is barbed comments thrown over that they know their dog is not to blame, how our dog starts it all and is the aggressive one (umph not sure how they work that one out, I won’t say anymore other than they had another dog who had to be put to sleep due to injuries caused by their other ‘loving wouldn’t hurt a fly’ dog – make your own conclusions).

I was worried about my boy after the ‘incident’ he was nervous and took him a while to feel confident about going out in his own back garden – that’s when I decided that I would look into dog training, to get him around other dogs and to help rebuild his confidence and that’s how I found Jane. She reassured me and said that he would be welcome to come along to dog school – and well he is doing wonderfully.

Jane is very patient and teaches reward based training (non of the hitting, shouting, pulling or choke chains that some people use) and has been appointed the first Victoria Stilwell (best known for the hit TV show ‘It’s Me or the Dog’) Positively Dog Trainer (VSPDT) in the South of England.

Classes are never boring we do everything from lead work to doggie dancing. It doesn’t end at obedience training – there is also agility, rally, gun dog training, heelwork, puppy classes, doggie parties and of course dog walks.

A bit about Jane from her website

“I have had a life-long interest in animals, their behaviour and well-being. I also have an M.A in Education and have been involved in teaching and training for many years. In 1981 I gained an Honours degree in Zoology from Nottingham University. Much of my work is with dogs, but I can also help with cats and other small animals”

If you are in Essex and have been looking for a dog trainer then look no further than Jane (for full contact info see website or email )

Ok well I am guessing that you are still wondering about the title of this blog... Gamma Dog... and how that relates to Ferdinand?

Well ...drum roll please.....



Ferdinand is Gamma Dog and features on a t-shirt designed by freelance artist and illustrator Robin Carey (

This and other designs can be found here -

And well soon he just may have his own story...

.... A little preview (still in draft) I hope that you like it

Agent Mouse and Gamma Dog Ferd are in combat training when they get the call from the intergalactic space agency command centre.

“Agent Mouse here” he says as he connects to the space communicator
“Ah good, Agent Mouse we have an urgent situation that we need your immediate help with” says Commander Bob
“What’s the situation Commander?”
“There is an Ogre terrorising the village on Moon Base designation Mars Luna 543 in the Nexiam System. I need you to go there at once and help the villagers.”
“On our way Commander.”
Ferd sets about putting their training equipment away as Mouse puts Mars Luna 543 into the spaceships navigation device.
“Woof, woof, grr”
“I know Gamma Dog an Ogre does sound big and frightening. Good job that we have been training”
“Destination set. You better buckle in Gamma Dog it looks like it might be a bumpy ride as we travel to the Nexiam System. We will have to go round the belt of Ulysses”
“Woof, woof”
“I know that we need to hurry but we can’t risk running into any space spiders”

Their space ship whooshes into action speeding them on their way to help.


  1. ha, ha . . . Good post. Like the picture of the prettied up footpath sign-post. Oh, and I fed the fish.


  2. thanks for visiting my blog, following and commenting. Also for joining my photo a day challenge. That makes 5 of us now, i wonder how far it can go.
    bless you

  3. Fun post! Have only just found you on blipfoto and now your blog. I'm not very good at being a regular reader of blogs or commenting on blip but occasionally I have a blitz and read old/new blog posts and look at blips from way back! I must tweet a piccie of my friend Shelby, she's a cocker and is absolutely gorgeous, like Ferd!


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