Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Photo A Day - Day 4

Favourite mug or cup.

Well this isn't actually my favourite - that's packed away in a box waiting to be rediscovered when we move.
This mug is simply the one I use most often - it being my work mug and is mostly filled with wonderful lovely joy - Earl Grey (twinnings of course).
I grew up in a house of coffee drinkers so I owe my love of tea to my Grandma and a proper brewed pot. I do have to confess that mostly I use teabags but sometimes for that special treat there is nothing better than making tea properly - warm the pot, add the leaves followed by hot water (never boiling it should be near to boiling) leave it to infuse...... ah.

Oh and the milk - well if you have it that goes in last - (puts on posh voice) its a matter of class darling :)

Now when I say 'Earl Grey', you say 'yes please'....

I am ever so slightly addicted to this song enjoy (and for more wonderful madness check out Professor Elementals website - link below)....

Professor Elemental An emcee, mad professor, inventor, explorer and exotic dancer. http://www.professorelemental.com


  1. Hey, a cat, who couldn't love a mug like that. But i'll pass on the tea thanks as i don't drink tea or coffee. Now a nice hot chocolate would be great.

  2. Yes please...fab mug! a mug like that would cheer me up if I had a crappy day.

  3. Aww, now that is a cute mug! Earl grey is my favourite cuppa too x

  4. Great post! It's funny how a drink tastes better in a particular mug isn't it? Oh how I used to adore Earl Grey. It's now over 12 years since I've had a cup of tea. The moment I fell pregnant with my third child - I've never been able to touch the stuff since. Yet now I drink super strong black coffee - in the past I have walked across the street to avoid coffee smells from cafes. Now my tea of choice is Peppermint.


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