Sunday, 21 August 2011

Photo A Day - Day 2

Ok so I have made it to day 2:


...and batteries have charged so I get to use the big camera (had to get new charger, slight incident with cable and bunny -  left me one camera with dead batteries)

Attempt number 1:

Ok so not great move onto next pet:

Lady Dru

Now I do like this picture of Drusilla but it wasn't really that much of a challenge (she was asleep after all), so I decided to move onto a more 'difficult' subject...

I had a few furry children to choose from this morning :)

Pet roll call:
Lady 'Drusilla', (Dru) - Cat, British long hair - blue (almost)
'Ulysses' 31, (Uli) - Cat, British short hair - tabby
Luna - Cat, Britsh short hair - tabby (sister of Uli)
Caesar - Cat, British short hair - black (my brothers cat who we are looking after for a bit)
Arch Duke 'Ferdinand' the First (Ferd or Ferdi) - Dog, Sprocker Spaniel - red and white
Queen Zara - Rabbit, Giant - Black (if you're not sure how big a giant rabbit is - well she is bigger than a cat)


Captain James T Kirk (we just call him Kirk).

He is the newest member of our family, we adopted him a couple of months ago, he is a dwarf lop has settled in really well and loves his veggies (the only way I managed to get him to sit still(ish) for a few moments):

Photo A Day - Day 2 "Kirk"

If you have ever had rabbits you will understand what an achievement this is an actual bunny photo which is why I have made it my Photo of the Day.

We do technically have another cat - Spike brother to Dru but some 'kind' neighbours decided to feed him and then let him into their house (we still get to pay the vets bill though!).

More rule bending now (kind of)
Because I want to prove that it is possible to take great photos of pets but:
1. you need to be patient
2. you will have to take LOTS of photos 
3. you need to know when your pet simply has had enough
4. sometimes its just a case of having camera and taking advantage of an opportunity

So in best Blue Peter style "here are some I prepared earlier" 

Luna - "Holding on Mum"

Ulysses - Nap Time

Ulysses - "where did they all go?"

Hail Caesar
Queen Zara (Giant Rabbit)
Ferdinand when he was ickle

I hope that you have enjoyed my efforts for day 2, see you again for Day 3....


  1. Aww, what gorgeous photo's. I love cats. >^._.^<

  2. lovely pics, i cant get my cats to pose unless they are asleep or i sneak up on them so well done.

  3. wow great pics! you have so many pets!

  4. Hello!
    So many pet friends :) Jelous me!
    Kirk, Luna and of course Ferdinand (bcz I LOVE dogs) are my favorites. Enjoy.


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