Monday, 22 August 2011

Photo A Day - Day 3

Today's theme is something edible:

Oat Crunch

I think I may have taken the theme a little to far as this morning I have mostly been baking (Fruit cake, Oat Crunch, Victoria Sponge and Bread is currently doing its thing).

Before my Mum past away she wrote down the recipes of some of her favourite bakes, the fruit cake and oat crunch are my favourites as they are both quick, easy and taste great (sorry no picture of fruit cake as it is still cooling). 

I debated whether or not to share the recipes, but recipes are to be shared and enjoyed so here goes:

Oat Crunch

10 oz porridge oats
7-8 oz butter
7-8 oz musavado sugar
Pinch of salt (optional)
Ginger or spices
Optional – nuts, dried fruit etc

Melt sugar and butter add the oats (and optional extras if desired) press well into non-greased baking trays. Cook at gas 4 for 20 minutes. Remove from the oven and cut into pieces – leave in the tin until cold, turn out.

Fruit Cake

¼ lb melted butter
8 oz SR flour
2 eggs (unbeaten)
4 oz sugar (caster or musovado or a mix)
12 oz dried fruit
¼ pint milk/sherry or orange juice
1 tsp mixed spice

Mix all ingredients well, pour into a lined 7-8” tin cook at gas 2 for approx 2 hours.


  1. Mmm that looks so yummy, I'll have to get my Noah to bake it as it seems he's taking over the baking at our house! x

  2. That looks lovely! Makes me want to eat it! :) Yep, I think recipies are made for sharing too, so its very kind of you to share your Mum's X


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