Friday, 26 August 2011

Photo A Day - Day 7

Today's photo challenge was to draw something and then photograph it....

Well I sew I don't draw (my husband is the artist ), but here is my effort I hope you like it:

Flower Sprite
Well that's one week of photos done and I am looking forwards to starting the next week. I am really enjoying the challenges thinking of my interpretation of the days theme and seeing everyone else's interpretations. 

I have decided to take this opportunity for everyone to meet my cameras (yes sorry I do have more than one).

Ok so I lust over a DSLR and almost brought one a few years ago to replace the camera I broke while on holiday and because I was threatening to do my own wedding photography (I like being behind the camera not in front of it - I didn't need to actually be in the wedding photos!....Right?.....Well yes we did hire a photographer I am in photos, some are good others well I have issues and... No not going to mini rant).

Well instead of DSLR I got a new bridge camera - it is referred to as my BIG camera

I love this camera, its super macro, its 18x zoom and it feels ooooh so nice to hold.

Next is my pocket camera - this is my newest addition - I wanted some that was less.... well...erm...flashy 

Now me and this camera are not yet friends - we're just getting to know each other. I sometimes think that they tried to make it a little too cleaver I have tried it in auto mode and the results were frankly rubbish, now when I take it out of auto mode and use its optimised scene settings it is pretty good - but sooo fidley to change setting every time you need to. But it does have the panoramic mode :)

And lastly my phone:

Still lusting after a DSLR though.... Maybe..... One day......


  1. OMG! I LOVE the flower sprite "fairy". Really i think its the girl in me :) and i hope i'll never loose it.

  2. Thank you - I have only just started drawing them :)

  3. Flower sprite is amazing - well done you!! Nice camera's too ;)


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