Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Photo A Day - Day 5

Day 5 -  free choice but this time list 3 reasons why you have chosen it.

My Rubies

Ok reasons:
1. I had this necklace made for me and its beautiful

2. When my Mums estate was settled my Husband and I agreed on a small amount each that we could just spend without worry. It was also a way of honouring my Mum who in her last year decided sod it and brought herself things that she had always dreamed about owning. So in a round about way this is kinda the last thing that my Mummy ever brought for me

3. The wonderful artisan who designed and made it - well when my Mum was young one of her first jobs was as a nanny for a family, and she always wondered what happened to those children - shortly before she died she was able to make contact with one of them (Mums brother, Facebook and fate helped) it really meant a lot to her. Yes you've guessed it was the lovely lady who made me my rubies :)

And that lovely lady is Beth Richmond, please see her website and facebook page for more examples of her stunning work of original handmade jewellery in semi-precious and precious stones and metals

My Rubies in all their glory

Oh and I can really recommend her craftsmanship - I always feel like a million dollars when I wear my Rubies :)


  1. what a lovely piece of jewellery and such a great back story too.

  2. Such a beautiful piece of jewellery and an equally beautiful story behind it too, truly something to treasure. x


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