Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Look at what I've been learning to do....

Well I am trying to learn new things... is also a form of procrastination as I am meant to be packing for house move (contracts signed in preparation for exchange its all getting a bit real now - 2 southern mouses will be heading back up North and this time it will be to stay - eek)

I have dabbled with jewellery making in the past but I decided that I would have another (proper) go and thinking maybe a side line to my shop (its getting there - honest. Even have Moo cards now - again its something waiting for the move, soooo frustrating)! 

Anyway here goes what do you think?

Do you feel lucky - necklace
Do you feel lucky - ear ring (don't worry I did make a pair)
Do you feel lucky - close up to show a bit of the detail

I just love the little dice :)

Lady Luck - kilt pin brooch

A little bit of luck
Ring Ring

I accidently brought more bits the other day - wonder if I can fit in some more 'playing' before I have to pack all my craft bits away.....

Please let me know what you think :)


  1. they are really lovely, i especially like the kilt pin with the cameo.

  2. Wow - they are all beautiful, I especially love the 'a little bit of luck', my daughter wears this kind of jewellery, so get your shop sorted & I may well be your first customer! Good luck with the packing and the move - where are you moving too?


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