Thursday, 25 August 2011

Photo A Day - Day 6

Today was free choice in landscape mode.

I set off for work this morning with a fixed idea in my head as to what shot I wanted and so at 6.50 this morning I pulled the car over on a country road to attempt my vision...

Well it just wasn't happening - rubbish light and my subject of choice was just too far away for what I was trying to achieve - and while under normal circumstances a walk across fields would be welcome it was early and I was on my way to work so that plan was abandoned :(

On my way home a new plan was hatched - using the ultimate landscape mode - panoramic

Bridle Path
Going back to the car (again pulled to the side of a country road) a bonus shot :)


  1. love the panoramic shot and is that a thistle, its a fab colour. So nice to see how everybody is interpreting the rules.

  2. Beautiful pictures petal. I am finding this really fascinating like Gill, following what we are all getting up too.


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