Sunday, 28 August 2011

Photo A Day - Day 9

Today was anything Yellow

I struggled with this one - when I think of yellow I think of daffodils but at this time of year I wasn't going to find any of those.

Then there is the next obvious choice of a Banana - ugh NO they make me throw up so why would I want to photograph one?

I remembered that some squares that I have been knitting for a blankie are yellow - but too pale so didn't really photograph well. I was just about to give up on the day when I noticed the Cat Cuddle Cushions that I finished yesterday and oooh yes one is indeed yellow :)

These cuddle cushions came to life after a doodle and will be featured in the launch of my esty shop.....

Getting closer


  1. Ooooh so cute!!! I would love to snuggle up with one of this cat!

  2. That's a lovely design, I'm sure it will be popular. Are you sure about the yellow? (hmm. wondering if there's cheating afoot) :)

  3. It is yellow - artificial light didn't help and I was getting grumpy. They will be introduced properly soon :)

  4. Agree about Bananas! Lovely cuddle

  5. thank you everyone for the kind comments, cuddle cushions will be available soon :)


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