Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Photo A Day - Day 12

Today's challenge was something beginning with B.

Well as Mouse and I are in the process of packing up to move it had to be boxes:

The contents of most of the boxes....

erm that would be books and we have't packed them all yet :)


  1. What a mountain you have there, i do hope the move goes well and smoothly for you

  2. That's an awful lot of books! I've never found my collection of craft books since we moved a year ago. Can only assume they are lurking beneath other "treasures" in the garage.

  3. I have a kindle now - but I am still addicted to the 'real' variety. So far have packed up 5 bookcases another 1 to go, and then I have some more books stored in the greenhouse to sort out...eek.

  4. Brilliant angle on the photo there, I do not envy you with the packing, I really hope we never have to move, I do not know where we'd start!

  5. And quite a stack too,a good angle .


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