Wednesday, 14 September 2011

House sneak peek - the before...

Well as you know Mr Mouse and Me have our very first home (thinking of names at the moment 'Mouse Manor'!?).

We picked up the keys last Friday (which I have to confess was a little anticlimactic) and spent the weekend decorating - a tour will be coming soon. But I thought that I would do a little sneak peek a before....

These pictures are from the estate agents advert for the house and it seems such a long time ago that we stumbled across it on Rightmove and fell in love and never dared dream that it would be ours :)

Photos from Charles Newton and Co Estate Agents and Solicitors
'Stuff' not ours

The 'big' move has been set for this weekend (me and Ferd will be enjoying a holiday while Mr Mouse and very kind friend will do all the hard work of shifting all the boxes of books).

Getting excited now :)

1 comment:

  1. oh WOW!!!!! I actually squealed when I saw the pictures of the interior!!! What a fantastic house!!!!!! Its beautiful!!! Good lucky in Mousey Manor :) Congrats!!


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