Thursday, 8 September 2011

One More Sleep

Ok so as you have probably gathered by now Mr Mouse and Me are moving - Wooooo

Why one more sleep? Well tomorrow is completion day and we get the keys to our new house.

This will be our first married home and the first time that we will have lived alone since getting married so as you can imagine this is a big deal for us.

Circumstances have meant that we have had a rough few years so this is the start of a new chapter.

We were priced out of the southern property market and so we decided that we would take the plunge and move back to Nottinghamshire where we had been living up until 2010.

We are sad to be saying good bye to our native Essex, we will always be southerners in our hearts and will have plently of opportunities to visit 'home' as Mr Mouses parents and my Dad remain.

In the same the village - were we grew up.

The village where our Mums met and then we met (we were in nappies)

The primary school in the neigbouring village that we both went to....

Then Mr Mouses family then moved away - we still remained friends - but they came back to the village

So its a very special village (although I can't help but think some of its heart has gone over the last few years, the younger generation just dont seem to appreciate it... but thats another issue).

And yes Mr Mouse and Me may have got married in 2009 but we have known each other all out lives - so we're special too

Love you Mr Mouse x


  1. Aww this is like a proper love story, childhood sweethearts "From Nappies with love" hope you love your new home... and didn't u know its better up north! ;)

  2. Sorry to be losing you from Essex but i wish you both a great move and a very happy life 'Up Noooorth'


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