Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Photo A Day - Day 34

Todays theme was feathered friends.

I would have loved to have taken a picture of my chickens but there is one small problem.....they are still a dream.

But soon....I have the house, I have a garden, couldn't see anything to stop us in any of the paperwork we got during the sale, and the mythical local by-laws to stop you are apprently rare according to one of my chicken books.

But I will check with the council first - with fingers crossed (i really really want chickens I have even named them!).

So I struggled with this one, as we have just moved into the house we haven't had time to attract birds to the garden. I thought about a Robin heat pack that i've got but its packed in a box......somewhere.

So feathered friend just had to be Arthur...again
But this time you get to see all of him and he really is lovely :)


  1. I really want chickens too... they're not allowed on my street though :( I think my sister will be getting some, in which case I will buy one and keep it there me thinks, I want one of those ones with feathery legs, Brahma I think. Hope you are able to have some :)

  2. Yes i agree with Kirstin i hope you can get some soon. They are such a great addition to any garden.
    I hatched a brahma chick last year Kirstin and sold it to a fellow chicken lover, it was so sweet though.
    Love Arthur, im a big owl fan


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